Whole Food Benefits

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Whole Food Benefits

Whole food is food eaten in its natural state without processing and with all its vital nutrients intact.

It’s the difference between an apple and apple pie, a baked potato and a potato chip or chicken nuggets and a chicken breast. Switching to a diet comprised of whole foods gives you many benefits.

Improve your mood

Beyond just affecting weight, eating highly processed foods can have negative effects on your energy, mood, and the functionality of your brain. Eating a diet primarily composed of these foods can cause you to lose energy and become stressed, irritable, or angry. Cutting these foods out and replacing them with whole foods can help to provide you with more energy and a much improved mood.

Lower your risk of heart disease

By consuming more vegetables, whole grains, and fruit, you can introduce more fiber into your diet, which researchers have found to greatly reduce your risk of heart disease.

Lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes

A diet rich in real whole food can help lower your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, which is at epidemic levels and primarily caused by junk food loaded diets and obesity.

Strengthen your bones

Your body needs vitamin K, calcium, and magnesium to help nurture your bones. And those found in whole vegetables absorb into the body faster and enter your system quicker.

Eating whole food makes it easier to eat a balanced diet

Eating a diet rich in whole food makes it easy to eat well-balanced diet, which promotes good health and vitality.

Healthy weight management is another of the Whole Food Benefits

Eating a diet rich in whole food eliminates processed and junk food that is loaded with added fat, sugar and calories. Eating clean with whole food allows you to enjoy lots of natural and nutrient dense foods so you can manage your weight, lose weight and eat better on the whole.

Improve your sleep

Eating highly-processed foods can make it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, and get quality rest. Introducing more whole foods into your diet can help you achieve quality sleep each night and wake up feeling well-rested and ready to face your day.

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Whole Food BenefitsImprove skin health

Highly-processed foods and foods high in grease, fats, or sugars can cause your complexion to worsen and can actually cause you to break out more often. Introducing more whole foods into your diet provides you with key nutrients for all-natural skin health.

More energy

Whole foods have all the nutrients you need to thrive and enjoy lots of physical and mental energy to get through your busy days.

Lengthen your life

Highly-processed foods aren’t good for you and can, little by little, harm your health, cause obesity and various diet related chronic diseases. Introducing more whole food benefits into your diet can help to lengthen your life by improving your nutritional profile and therefore greatly improving your health.

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