The Weight Loss Success Mindset

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If you have ever watched a master hypnotist at work you will come away thinking that the mind is incredibly susceptible to suggestion. Once you see grown men dancing on the stage and singing “I’m a little teacup” you don’t doubt that it may indeed be possible to lose weight by having a hypnotist implant subconscious suggestions that help you avoid eating food that is bad for you and make you try harder to meet your workout schedule.

But hypnotherapy for weight loss purposes is deemed to be a little too much “on the fringe” for most people. People are about as likely to schedule an appointment with a hypnotherapist as they are to admit they have a drinking problem. In both cases it feels easier to deny you have a problem than to take active steps to correct it.

The good news is that it really isn’t necessary to go to the trouble of trying hypnotherapy as a means to “reprogram” your mind for weight loss success. It is possible to do it yourself, and not through the practice of self-hypnosis either.

Carolyn Hansen has penned an ebook that she calls The Weight Loss Motivation Bible. She believes that most people fail with their weight loss efforts because they are unable to summon up and maintain the levels of motivation that are needed to adopt the habits that inevitably lead to weight loss. Before anyone begins a new healthy eating plan, or a promising exercise regimen, it is the MIND that must first be worked on.

All of us carry with us a system of beliefs that help us figure out what we will do on a day to day, and hour by hour basis. Not all of these beliefs are fully transparent to us though. We might believe that eating fewer bear claws each week will help us lose weight. But we might also harbor a belief that it is more important to eat that bear claw during the morning tea break so that we can feel good about having “scored” some free comfort food. It’s hard to turn down free food. Especially the really yummy stuff.

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It’s these secondary thoughts and beliefs – the ones that counter your efforts to “do the right thing” that Carolyn is most interested in. You have to be able to identify them before you can weed them out and replace them with thoughts and beliefs that encourage you to stay on track in your weight loss efforts.

Anyone can implement the techniques that Carolyn proposes. They do not involve self-hypnosis. Instead they are really forms of mind control – powerful methods of self-persuasion that work on the subconscious level to literally alter your “weight loss personality”. This is the side of you that determines how you respond to the challenge to lose weight. Change your weight loss personality and you can change your body weight. This is the basic approach that is taught in The Weight Loss Motivation Bible.

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Thanks in advance for sharing! Jeanne :)

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