Treat Chronic Fatigue With Essential Oils Part 4

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Essential oils in aromatherapy

Treat Chronic Fatigue With Essential Oils

Last but not least, some people find that the scent alone of essential oils is invigorating and helpful. Aromatherapy involves not putting the oil necessarily anywhere on your body, but focusing on the healing impact of its aroma. This is more a matter of mental and emotional well-being than of physical medicine.

For people with Chronic Fatigue, there are often mental aspects to the condition which may be overlooked in favor of addressing the physical symptoms. Depression and anxiety may be part of the physical package, but may also be a reaction to being in an unpleasant situation, or feeling powerless. The problem is that mental health symptoms can often influence your physical health negatively, so they still need addressing.

You can diffuse the essential oil in two key ways. You can put it on surfaces in your home. A few drops of essential oils placed weekly on your furniture, bed, curtains, etc. can infuse specific places with specific scents, evoking warmth and comfort. Or you can diffuse it with warm diffusers or reed diffusers. This will give your whole home an even scent, eliminating unpleasant smells and making you feel more at ease.

You can make use of the rich aroma of essential oils in many different ways. Some people find that having the scent in their house all day is very helpful. If a particular scent is deeply comforting to you, then you may wish to have it present at all times. Using a diffuser is the best option in this case.

Some people benefit the most from using aromatherapy combined with massage. They may experience no benefit from a constant scent, or may even find it overpowering. But during a massage session they may find they relax better if the right essential oils are used.

Aromatherapy after exercise or before bed could help you recover better. Because the pains associated with ME/CFS are usually the result of a hormonal imbalance or a poor recovery, it makes sense to use pleasant scents to encourage your body to calm down, reduce cortisol, and promote a healing hormone balance.

Sometimes you can combine aromatherapy with topical application of an oil. For example, when it comes to your massage you might want to swap your massage oils for a diluted essential oil. Or you may wish to place a few drops of diluted oil behind your ears before a stressful day, or on your chest before going to bed. This could help you relax whilst providing the physical benefits of the oil. But always remember to choose a safe oil, and to dilute it well!

Some great scents for Chronic Fatigue are:

Petitgrain Oil. This oil gives you a surge of energy without overpowering your hormonal systems. It can help even you out.

• Geranium Oil. This oil fights exhaustion and nerves, providing a sense of calmness and pushing out anxiety and depression.

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Lavender Oil. This oil is perfect for almost all issues that an ME/CFS sufferer experiences physically. It helps your body and mind to relax and can be applied topically or diffused in the air for maximum physical and mental benefits.

Chamomile Oil. Like chamomile tea, this oil can help you relax and sleep deeper and better, meaning you are less likely to wake up tired.

Sandalwood Oil. This oil is a great diffuser oil. If your problem is that you wake up repeatedly in the night, this oil could help keep you shut down until you are rested.

Top Tips For Staying Safe:

When using essential oils, you need to always be a bit careful. They are generally harmless, but everything, if used incorrectly, can hurt us. Following these simple steps could mean the difference between an enjoyable experience and a terrible one.

Firstly, make sure that you are not allergic to anything you are using. If you are allergic to the plant, you will be allergic to the oil, because the oil is just a super-concentrated version of the plant! If you are not sure whether you are allergic or not, place a few drops on your skin, diluted, and leave for 1-2 days. If any marks appear, then you should not use this oil. If hives start appearing immediately, then you must see your doctor straight away. Also make sure you are not allergic to your carrier oils!

Secondly, always shop from reputable brands and use outlets and websites that can be held accountable. Just because something says “food grade” does not mean it is! Anyone can write anything on a label. You need to choose an established company which has been around for many years and has many loyal customers. Because of fake products, you will also need to shop at a store or on a website which is established, based in your country, and which could be held accountable if they sold you a fake product.

Finally, do not use essential oils to replace any treatments, conventional or alternative, that are already working. After all: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Many people feel uncomfortable about using a conventional or traditional remedy and may stop it and turn to essential oils instead, thinking this is safer and more natural. But if your medication was working and alleviating your symptoms, you are putting yourself at risk again. Instead, use essential oils to complement your main treatment.

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