Treat Chronic Fatigue With Essential Oils Part 3

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Eating essential oils

Treat Chronic Fatigue With Essential Oils

Edible essential oils are another popular way of treating the symptoms of ME/CFS. Edible essential oils are sort of like a natural multivitamin, a highly concentrated form of a plant which contains all the benefits of a huge bowl of it, but in a single drop. These essential oils make for a cheap, fast alternative to chowing down on superfoods all day. Because they are absorbed through the walls of the stomach and intestine the dose you will receive is far greater than through topical application. However, on the other hand, because you are using your natural digestion and blood flow to carry it, the essential oil will affect your whole body equally, rather than specifically targeting the area you want it to.

Edible essential oils are therefore great for the internal and mental symptoms of Chronic Fatigue. Lethargy and depression are often key symptoms for people with ME/CFS, and these are constant, underlying symptoms which can lead to other problems, or make other symptoms worse. Memory problems are common in Chronic Fatigue sufferers as a consequence of their lack of energy and depression, and by treating the depression many experience a surge in memory.

Feelings of heaviness can develop if the circulation in your whole body is affected by your tension and lack of activity. ME/CFS creates a cycle where you exercise less because you are exhausted, but because you exercise less your body degrades and you feel more tired. You can fight this by healing the heart and lungs internally.

Chronic Fatigue sufferers often have sleep disorders, like hypersomnia or insomnia. Although many turn to either sleep medication or herbal remedies at these times, sometimes what is actually needed is a lighter, constant release of nutrients, such as essential oils offer.

Whole body glandular problems affect many ME/CFS sufferers. Although you can address some glandular problems, such as those which impact the throat and breasts, with topical essential oils, if you wish to reach your internal glands you may need to ingest the oil.

These symptoms are either deeply internal, or a continual concern. This means that topical essential oils may not penetrate deeply enough to help, or may only provide a short term relief. Because we cannot target these symptoms with topical applications, edible essential oils are a wonderful alternative.

When using edible essential oils, make sure you know what you are handling. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that just because something is natural, it is safe. However, many natural things are incredibly dangerous to ingest! Think of belladonna, or yew berries. They are deadly in their whole, natural form. Likewise, everything that has been processed has experienced some changes.

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Essential oils are highly concentrated forms of the plants they come from, and too much of anything, even a good thing, can make you ill. If you drink enough water or eat enough bananas, they could even kill you. The difference is that we cannot usually eat enough of a whole food to poison ourselves. We would stop before drinking 2-4 liters of water in half an hour, before eating a pound of salt, or before eating two hundred bananas. However essential oils take away all of the bulk of water and fiber, leaving us with just a concentrated oil full of nutrients. Just because you can eat a handful of basil does not mean you should eat a tablespoon of basil oil, which contains all the nutrients of several pounds of basil!

Not only must we therefore be careful to adhere to small doses of essential oils, we need to look out for where they have come from. A food grade essential oil is one which has been approved for human consumption. It is not so concentrated that a single drop could poison us, it does not come from a part of the plant which is poisonous, and it has not been processed using chemicals and machinery which could taint it and make it dangerous. Always choose food grade essential oils, and always choose reputable brands whose certification can be proven.

Some great edible oils for Chronic Fatigue are:

Citrus Oils. Lemon and orange oil and uplifting and refreshing. They can be very helpful for people suffering exhaustion, mental fatigue, depression, or anxiety. They can also stimulate your immune system, keeping you strong even if your body is very run down.

Rosemary Oil. This oil helps your central nervous system from the inside or out. Ingested, it improves mood and energy, helping fight off depression and lethargy.

Basil Oil. This oil is great for lifting your mood and improving your memory. Especially after a few nights of insomnia, basil oil can keep your head clear and focused.

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