Treat Chronic Fatigue With Essential Oils Part 2

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Topical application of essential oils

Treat Chronic Fatigue With Essential Oils

Topical application of an essential oil is when you rub it into the affected area directly, or into the skin above the affected area. Topical essential oils can be applied for many reasons, from arthritis to migraines. The essential oil will slowly soak into your skin, bringing with it the benefits of the plant. This makes it an especially good treatment for pain and inflammation in muscles and joints, but much less effective for problems related to organs and bones. When it comes to ME/CFS, there are several symptoms which can be relieved via topical application of essential oils.

Aches and pains are a common issue for people with Chronic Fatigue. This is because the condition affects muscular tone, meaning your muscles break down more easily. Even a short period of exercise can result in massive muscle damage which hurts for days. If you have overexerted yourself, you may feel a strong ache or soreness anywhere in your body.

Heavy legs can cause a lot of distress. Because you are less able to be active with Chronic Fatigue, blood and other fluids can collect in the legs, making them uncomfortable, numb, and heavy. The reduced muscle tone can worsen this poor circulation and feeling of heaviness.

Headaches and a feeling of feverishness are not uncommon when you have Chronic Fatigue. Many people feel warm and get headaches, even when they are not ill and their body temperature is perfectly normal. This is sometimes confused with the hot flashes of menstruation, pregnancy, and the menopause.

As ME/CFS can affect your lymph glands, you may experience some pains in your throat, armpits, breasts, and other areas near the surface of the skin. Not all lymph gland pains can be successfully treated topically, but if you feel the soreness just under your skin it is worth a try.

When applying topical essential oils, always be cautious. For starters, most essential oils cannot be applied directly. Because of how concentrated they are, essential oils can be too strong, or even too alkaline, and damage your skin or make you worse. You must dilute them. The easiest way to do this is using a carrier oil. A carrier oil is a neutral oil, like coconut oil or almond oil, which you can blend with your essential oil.

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Some people also mix their essential oils with soaps and moisturizers. But this is a bit more complicated, as the oil needs to be thoroughly blended, which does not happen with some cosmetics. When in doubt, use a little less oil and shake or stir well.

Finally, you might want to choose food grade essential oils, even for your skin. This is because your body will naturally be absorbing these substances, so you want them to be as safe as possible. Just bear in mind that not all essential oils can be certified food grade, as some are toxic if ingested. In this case, skip them entirely or choose a reputable brand.

Some great topical oils for Chronic Fatigue are:

Rosemary Oil. This oil stimulates the central nervous system, helping relieve numbness and pain, especially in your legs. It can also promote better circulation and muscle tone. Just apply it where it is needed.

Basil Oil. This oil, like rosemary, stimulates the central nervous system. But it also acts to relieve tension, soothing aches and pains including headaches. Sometimes you can just apply it to your temples, but many people benefit from applying it to their neck and shoulders too.

Lavender Oil. This oils relieves muscle tension and can help with insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Used on your face, neck, head, and chest, it can help a Chronic Fatigue sufferer to get the rest they need to recover.

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