Treat Chronic Fatigue With Essential Oils Part 1

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Treat Chronic Fatigue With Essential Oils

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a difficult diagnosis to handle. Largely because it is so poorly understood. Sufferers of ME/CFS feel almost constant fatigue, with peaks and troughs of energy which are consistently lower than what would be considered normal. They also suffer from cycles of insomnia and hypersomnia, aches and pains in their muscles, and a variety of other, often flu-like, symptoms.

Until very recently ME/CFS was assumed to be a false illness, invented by lazy or attention-seeking people to make excuses for their poor behaviors. It is odd to think that for so many years there were real doctors looking at people who could not physically get out of bed and saying “I can’t see a cause, so you’re making it up!”

Fortunately, medicine has moved along quite a bit since then. Researchers have recently discovered specific inflammation markers in people with ME/CFS that prove once and for all that yes, it is real. Not only that, but they have found a large number of triggers for it, including an episode of acute illness, chemotherapy, pregnancy, menopause, sudden weight loss or gain, and adrenal fatigue. Once it has been triggered, ME/CFS can be stopped from progressing, but cannot be reversed.

But there are things you can do to alleviate Chronic Fatigue. For example, it has been found that intense activity, such as exercise, can make it worse, but that pacing yourself and stopping frequently to relax can reduce the severity of a flare up. It has also been found that some treatments used for depression can alleviate symptoms in some sufferers. Anti-inflammatories, painkillers, and sleep medications are often prescribed to manage the symptoms.

But not everyone is fond of the idea of using conventional medicines, or of only following the physical protocol. Sometimes you want the relief of medication with all the safety and reassurance of a natural, holistic remedy. Enter alternative treatments. There are many different alternative treatments which focus on reducing the symptoms of ME/CFS following traditional, herbal, or holistic medicine. Some people find that acupuncture helps with the pain, others will tale valerian root to even their sleep cycles, and others will practice meditation to improve their energy.

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A great alternative treatment involves the use of essential oils. Essential oils are a popular form of alternative medicine because they come from nature, you know exactly what is in them, and they are highly effective for many people. Essential oils are created by distilling the natural fluids of a plant before separating the oils from the liquid, giving you a highly concentrated dose of all the beneficial nutrients from that plant. Because of how they are produced, essential oils have different properties depending on what plant, and even what part of the plant, they were taken from. This means that you can apply different oils in different ways for different symptoms. Many people enjoy mixing and matching their remedies, for maximum benefit.

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