Setting Personal Boundaries To Manage Stress

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Setting Personal Boundaries To Manage StressBoundaries are crucial to living a healthy life. Specifically, when thinking about reducing stress and risk for burnout, boundaries can save you the serious consequences that these situations can bring.
Stress Reducing Considerations In Setting Boundaries:

• Never allowing people to say things that you or others in front of you that makes you feel uncomfortable
• Saying no as needed
• Stop feeling guilty when you say no
• Setting limits on work time
• Communicating and defining your emotional needs in your closest relationships
• Avoiding becoming overly involved in other people’s problems or difficulties with your loved ones
• Putting yourself at the top of your to-do list
• Making yourself a priority
• Not allowing others to pull you away from your plans
• Not giving too much just to be seen as useful
• Acting from a perspective of self-care rather than people pleasing
• Allowing yourself to be distracted to accommodate another person’s immediate needs and wants
• Saying no to sex or physical touch when you don’t want it
• Calling out a person who mistreats you
• Acting within your own integrity and values instead of pleasing others

When you have weak boundaries, you wind up doing more than you are physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of, or going beyond your own limits.

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