Reverse Aging With Balanced Chakras

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Reverse Aging With Balanced Chakras

Everyone wants some form of balance within their lives at some point, that’s just human nature to want to have everything figured out, and not only that, but have it functioning quite well too. When a person can find balance in all that they do, this will help to regulate the mind and body to make better and healthier decisions on a career path, relationship journey and so much more. There are many people that do not believe that we, as human beings can, for the most part, heal ourselves. Keep in mind that we are the center of our own universe and because of that, we can control so much about our lives, what happens, what goes in, as well out. The question of the century is can a person truly reverse the process of aging simply by balancing one’s chakras?

That’s definitely a difficult question to be had, and most people probably couldn’t come up with the answer right off hand, which is completely understandable. Keep in mind that no person on the face of the Earth can put a stop to the natural process of the body’s aging process. Every single one of us is intended to grow older, that’s life, and we absolutely cannot stop it from evolving. Have you ever wondered about age, though? The specific format of what makes someone, ah let’s say, twenty-two or forty-one years of age? Can we stop what’s in the mind and how the mind sees age? Today, we are going to be discussing the theory of reversing the process of aging by balancing out a person’s chakras.

Before We Begin, You Must Understand

It’s always important to know what we are speaking about when it comes to balancing out the chakras, what they are and so on because there are some people that have no idea what a chakra in a person’s body even is. What is a chakra? There are seven different chakras, and they are each located on a person’s body, in which they are center points for healing, understanding higher power, and true human being balance. A person will be able to tap into their chakras during Yoga, hot baths, eating a lot of red and yellow foods, as well learning how to meditate properly.

It’s not difficult to balance out a chakra within the human body at all. You must understand that you need to be aware of your specific surroundings, accept what you cannot change and learn how to meditate and build within that knowledgeable energy. It’s so important to remember to always have a nice room set aside when it comes to balancing and healing out your chakras because there is no worse feeling than being in a room when trying to connect to your inner self and there be decorations on the walls that you don’t like and make you feel quite uncomfortable. Always make sure that you’re in an environment that aides to what you like and what makes you feel as though you are the center of your whole universe because, in reality, you truly are.

Learning to Walk Barefoot

This is an excellent way to balance out the chakras in your body, especially in the feet area. Why would this be? Aren’t shoes made for a reason? Don’t we always need to wear shoes? Well, you are right to some degree. Shoes are meant to be worn, but not all the time. Going barefoot has some of the same feelings of exercising because when we go barefoot, those “feel good” endorphins will get released because it feels so good to our minds and bodies.

By going barefoot, a person will truly be feeling the Earth beneath their feet, and this is so healthy for a stronger mind and body. To not be concealed inside a shoe, giving your feet and toes air can be one of the best things to do for yourself, as it helps with forms of depression and sickness. Now, it’s important that you don’t walk barefoot on dirty areas, glass, or where people spit and various other forms of nastiness. It’s not healthy to walk overtop of where someone has thrown up, or there is broken glass. You should pick out a secret spot where just you can go that no one else knows about, such as a spot up in the forest or a faraway field. You can go there after work or even before work and just walk around barefoot where it’s quiet, and you be able to find out that you are connecting with more than just the ground beneath you.

Eating Red Foods

It’s an excellent idea always to try and incorporate red foods into your daily diet to help level out your stomach and mind area. Such red foods do not include red candy and starchy foods. Nope, not for one minute should you be engaging in that kind of daily diet and expect to balance the chakras inside your body! It would be the best if you could eat beets, red meats, cherries, tomatoes, raspberries, watermelon, as well pomegranate. These types of foods are superfoods, meaning that they will essentially give you meaning while you eat them.

They are so healthy for you, and that health will take your mind and body to levels what feels like, beyond the sky. When we are fueling ourselves with the right kinds of foods, our bodies will have more of the notion to heal itself if something goes wrong within the body. Not to mention, it feels so great to be healthy and feeling good from the inside out. By eating the right types of red food, you will find out that the mind works in such different way than if you ate unhealthily. You will be able to understand and perform various tasks in a more intelligent way and so much more. You must understand that truly, what we put into our bodies (vessels), we ultimately will become that.

Setting Up a Savings Plan

A lot of people wouldn’t think that opening up a responsible savings plan would help to balance out the chakras in a person’s mind and body, but it can actually. How would opening up a savings plan or if not, just having a plan on how to balance the finances help with the balance of a person? Did you know that most all stress in life will resort back to financial stressors in a person’s life? When a person doesn’t know how to balance their money or if they do but constantly spend, this can place a lot of strain on that individual’s personal and economic lives. Money is the lead source in which most couples will get a divorce. Money changes everything, and with money, the opportunities are endless as to what a person can do, so why learn how to manage your pocketbook for the better?

When a person learns how to do this, they will be more at peace with how their lives are running because literally, they are running their own lives and in a healthier format, too. It would be a great idea to learn how to manage your money because your mind needs a rest and a healthy rest from all the stressors in life. When you can manage your own money, you will find out that you can manage just about anything that life throws at you because we all know, money is what makes the world go around and we you can have a hold on your pocketbook, you’ve got it made. Learn how to balance your life, and in return, you will feel so much younger and lighter, making you live longer because you are not so bogged down with stress and anxiety about the future. Control your future and your future will not control you!

Get Out There and Dance

Getting to be able to dance, either with a partner, taking up a dance class or whichever way it may be, you need to do just that! Why would this be so important to balance a person’s chakras? Well, keep in mind that when a person dances, it releases those “feel good” endorphins in a person’s brain that will make them feel younger and more up to speed within the joys that life has to offer out. A person doesn’t have to dance every day, but if you could just get out and move it at least two or three times per week, you would be so surprised just how much more balanced out a person will begin to feel, and it’s simply because they are moving and not only that but they are moving within the light of untold happiness.

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When there is music on, it connects to the portion of our brain that helps us to feel younger and more like getting out and engaging in fun activities. Have you ever heard that famous saying, stating that music is a drug? If you think about it, it’s absolutely the truth because music and good music that we enjoy will take us out of our reality, placing us in a space where there is a truth, understanding, and profound happiness! Just think if you took that feeling in which specific forms of music will give you and mixed that with creative dance, artistic expression, and dance? The possibilities are endless when it comes to how great and balanced a person will feel when the two are mixed together and nonetheless, just imagine how much exercise you will be getting! It’s a win on all sides.

Going Outside to Soak Up the Sun

Once again, this is another great theory when it comes to balancing out a person’s chakras! The sun is filled with great sources of vitamin D, and as human beings, we all need to partake in the sun’s rays, just not too much in regards of damaging the skin, but we all do need some amount of sun in our lives. Have you ever heard of seasonal depression? Well, this is a form of depression which only comes in the cold, Winter months and it affects quite a lot of people and it’s simply because they are not getting enough exposure to the sun, as well it being so cold outside and everything appearing to be dead, such as the trees and there aren’t even any flowers. It can be a real struggle for many of us, absolutely.

If you are stuck in the Winter months, and there isn’t any sun that you can go and soak up some great vibes, what you could do is spend about five or ten minutes per day in a tanning bed and if you don’t want to spend every day in a tanning bed, which is understandable because of the damage done to one’s skin overtime, you could send at least ten minutes per week in a tanning bed. This will promote your mind to awaken and make your body feel so much more balanced out! Much less, you will be getting a great tan on top of everything else, and this will also promote you to feel better about yourself because if you look good, a person tends to feel good, you follow? Now, when Springtime and Summer arrives, it will be a much different story. You will then be able to get out in the sun’s rays and soak up some good vibes, just remember to not soak up too much, or you’ll damage your skin. You will feel so much better inside and out when you can get into the sun for a little bit. Your body and mind will feel so much more rejuvenated, resulting in more balanced energy and stamina against negative energy!

Being Aware of Who You Are

This is another very important element when it comes to balancing out the chakras of your body because if a person doesn’t know exactly who they are and knows how to stand within that light, their emotions, as well behavioral patterns will be all over the place when it comes to life and that’s no good. What does it mean to really, be aware of who you are? Does it mean being mature and living an adult life?

Well, it can mean that to a lot of people, but did you know that a seven-year-old can be aware of who he or she is? This is done by specific teachings and meditative practices that the parents will teach the growing child, as this will help to keep a child’s mind not childlike, but young for the rest of his or her life and isn’t that what we all want? The human being can get lost in trying to find themselves simply by listening to others and trying to keep up with the next best element within life.

When asked the question of “how am I?” has haunted so many individuals because in general, how do we know when we’ve reached the conclusion of knowing exactly who we are in life? A person can become aware through various forms of self-involvement and meditative practices, but the key component is, you have to actually engage in them! Think what makes you happy and then try and build a life around that happiness and throughout time, you will begin to find out just who you are, and this type of acknowledgment will help you to keep that young mind and body. Keep in mind that you cannot stop your body from aging, but you can do specific things in life that will help you to feel younger in mind, body, and spirit and the key factor is to listen to your heart, follow and shadow within the light of your own happiness.

Do Not Speak Badly of Yourself

This is another thing that people will do, and most of us do it out of complete innocence, not knowing how damaging we are being to the core of who we are. Let’s just be completely honest here, most of us think that we are not good enough for a specific thing in life and we give up before even trying, that just seems to be human nature. Did you know this type of thinking is completely wrong and will result in the body and mind growing older before it’s time? That’s right.

As we have mentioned before, a person cannot stop the aging process, but there are things that we can do to either slow it down or speed it up, either by good and positive behavioral patterns or by negative and false ways of living, as well thinking. One way to truly balance your chakras out is to never invite negative energy into your life, and that goes by not speaking badly about yourself because if you think about it, all of life’s success begins with you and if you’re not on board with who you are first of all, and then if you’re not going to speak positive energy into your life, your mind will grow so old, resulting in the breakdown of your physical body. This will be because of that giving up attitude; you will invite depression and mental pain into your life. Remember, we bring about what we speak about, and it’s absolutely true!

Learning to Follow Your Dreams

This is another life element that a person can engage in when it comes to the theory of balancing out the chakras to reverse aging and keep in mind as we have mentioned before, there isn’t a single person on the face of this Earth that can stop the aging process, but we can slow it down a bit by healthy living in how we eat, think, and the decisions we ultimately make. Learning to follow your dreams works hand in hand with knowing just who you are and standing within that light. When we can follow what we love to do, this will help to set and balance our natural chakras in our bodies because we will then be happy, simple as that. Why waste all of your life working for someone else’s dream when you may have the opportunity to work for your own dream right now?

You must always remember that there will be time to follow your dreams, it may not be right now at this very second, but there will always be an opportunity to run with a great and lovely idea; your dream! By learning to follow your dreams, you will begin to see life in such a different light, and this will result in making you feeling lighter and younger because you will understand that you are free from all the worries in which bog you down, making you feel old and worn out. Balance comes from within and as we have mentioned before, follow your heart, and your body will reflect that type of happiness. Once again, we all cannot stop the aging process, but wouldn’t you rather soar into old age with a beam of light in your heart, rather than the cold, bitter worry of life?

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