Relationship Pitfalls

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Relationship Pitfalls: Are You A Good Listener?Relationship Pitfalls: Are You A Good Listener?Many relationships come to an end because of communication issues. In order to be a good partner, you need to be a great listener. A relationship will never last for long if you aren’t able to connect with your partner. You need to remember that communication is more than just expressing our own thoughts and emotions. It’s about knowing how to listen as well.

First of all, you need to understand that there’s a big difference between passive and active listening. In order to actively listen, you will need to give your partner your undivided attention. This means that you ignore all distractions (like looking at your phone or at the TV) while you’re listening to your partner. Additionally, you need to show your partner that you truly understand what they’re saying.

Being a good listener will always help strengthen your relationships. After all, everyone wants a partner they can always open up to. In case you would like to become a better listener but don’t really know how, you should follow these tips.

Maintain Eye Contact
If you’re maintaining eye contact with your partner while they’re talking to you it will let them know that you’re really paying attention to what they’re saying. As soon as your eyes start to wander, your brain will start wandering too, and they will notice that instantly. Good listeners will ignore every distraction and simply focus on the person that’s right in front of them.

Deal With Their Feelings
You should let your partner know that they can talk to you about anything that they want. Learning how to deal with your partner’s feelings and be the emotional support that they need will show them just how much you care about them.

By taking interest in their emotions, you will learn a lot more about them. Additionally, taking interest in their feeling and learning how to deal with them will demonstrate that you’re a good listener who understands your partner.

Don’t Interrupt Your Partner
If you’re partner is telling you a story or sharing something personal, then you should never interrupt them. Interrupting people is extremely rude, and if you do it often enough, your partner may begin to resent you for it. It’s best to wait until they pause or stop talking in order to comment on what they were saying.

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Be Patient
Being a good listener means that you never rush your partner to finish a story so that you could get back to what you were doing. Learning how to be patient will make your partner feel more relaxed and safe around you, which will help them open up to you. Talking about problems can be very exhausting and it can be hard to find the right words when you’re speaking about something upsetting. This is why you need to recognize and empathize when they’re struggling to find the right words.

Ask Questions
One of the best ways to demonstrate that you’re a good listener is by asking questions. Doing this will show that you’re actively engaged in the conversation. Asking questions will always encourage your partner to be more open when talking with you.

Pay Attention To The Little Things
It’s always the small gestures that will brighten your partner’s day. When your partner asks you for a small favor or request, you should make sure to always follow through. By paying attention to these seemingly small things, you will show your partner that you’re always listening. Remember that ignoring even the smallest things could end up hurting your partner.

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