Personalize Your Goals

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When you start goal setting it is important to personalize your goals, remember first and foremost that they are your goals. Your goals must be set according to what you can do, what drives you and what gives meaning to you.

It’s Your Goal, Not Theirs

When you personalize your goals it is important to ensure that it is one hundred percent achievable. This is also the reason why you have to see to it that it is not yet another duplicate of somebody else’s goals, simply because “Hey, I want to be like…, I will also do what they do“…

This attitude will only lead you to keep comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others may serve as a source of motivation but it can also cost you your self-esteem while also increasing your risk of experiencing depression.

Focus On Only One Major Goal

Personalize Your GoalsChoosing one major, long-term goal to focus on can be difficult to do for many people. However, in order to achieve and benefit from goal-setting it is essential that our long, medium and short-term goals are in alignment when you are trying to personalize your goals..

This means first choosing an appropriate, meaningful and worthwhile (to you) goal. Then make sure that medium-term and short term goals are leading toward and contributing to the attainment of your major goal.

If not re-assessment is required. If all these goals are not in alignment, your best intentions will be thwarted by your subconscious mind, as it will not be able to focus in one direction.

This major goal is something big that cannot be accomplished in just a few days or weeks. Choose a major goal that requires at least a year to complete. Examples of the major goals might include:

• learning how to code
• earning a master’s degree
• launching a startup business
• losing significant weight
• saving for a retirement plan

Your major goal should embody your passions, skills and deepest values in life. Ask yourself, what do you want to do for the next 365 days? Remember that this is something that YOU want to achieve, NOT what your parents, employer, or friends might want or expect from you.

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Set Your Smaller Goals

When you have that BIG picture in your mind as to what you would like to achieve, it is time to come up with smaller goals. You will strive to achieve these on a daily basis to ensure that each day that passes is a step closer to your one big goal.

It is important that you make consistent and persistent efforts in achieving these smaller goals regularly so you won’t lose focus or go off track. You can do this by checking your to-do lists each day and writing down updates about what you have done so far.

Is there is any activity that comes up which may adversely affect your daily schedule or your weekly plan? If so, make a thorough assessment as to whether such activity or invitation contributes to your goal. At the very least ensure it will not harm your ability to achieve your smaller goals or tasks in their specified time.

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