Personal Growth Goals Are A Journey

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Personal Growth Goals Are A JourneyA lot of people get caught up in reaching personal growth goals. Goals are good, reaching them is great, but it’s just as important to think of the journey you have taken to reach those goals. Often, the final outcome isn’t as significant as you expected to be, but the process it took to get there is.

The journey brought you self-improvement, it opened a new path of self-growth and took you to places you never imagined you would go. The journey often exceeds your personal growth goals.

A good example of this is probably weight loss. You lose weight, which is great, and you look better because of it. What did it take for you to lose that weight, though? You changed your eating habits and started eating more healthily.

You probably started exercising regularly to help your weight loss along. The weight loss is great, of course, but the journey that you took to get there is even more important. It showed you that you had the strength and willpower required to stick to making major lifestyle changes.

Now you’ve reached your goal weight, guess what? It doesn’t end. That isn’t the destination, you still need to continue your new healthy habits to maintain that weight. So, it should come as no surprise that self-improvement is a journey, rather than a destination.

From a young age, we learn that setting goals are important. They are important, and it’s an important part of self-growth. However, the goal isn’t the victory. No, it’s the foundation that you create in order to achieve those goals that matters most. This will serve as the springboard for countless other achievements in your life.

A Series of Destinations
That’s what life is. Isn’t it? A series of destinations. Your goal isn’t to get stuff. The goal isn’t to compete and beat everyone around you. Those aren’t helpful personal growth goals, but more importantly your goal isn’t your sole focus because there are many stops along your way to achieving it.

The beauty of setting goals and creating plans to achieve them is the experiences you go through getting there and the lessons that you learn on the way.

In challenging yourself as a person you are naturally improving who you are. You’re setting yourself up for some serious self-growth when you realize that the journey is just as, if not more, important as the goal itself.

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Sometimes you just need to sit back and appreciate the journey you just took and consider everything you had to overcome on the path you took.

Eyes On The Prize
That’s what you were always told, right? Don’t take your eyes off the prize. The prize is meaningless if you don’t use a process to understand why that goal is your focus. For example, you’ve decided to lose weight.

You plucked 50 pounds out of the sky and decided that was your magic number. Why 50? What made you choose that? How can your goal be meaningful to you unless you understand what is driving you to that specific goal? Moreover, how will you get there if you don’t put certain goals in place between now and that 50 pounds?

Whether you lose the 50 pounds or not, the journey you take will see you change your lifestyle entirely and you will learn new skills. More importantly, you will learn a lot about yourself. Rushing your goals means missing out on the full experience of the journey.

Character Building Journeys
Your character helps shape you as a person, and your character is shaped by the journeys that you undertake. When you achieve a goal, you will likely draw again on these lessons and use them when appropriate. Sometimes it’s more important that the journey itself is the focal point rather than the goal itself.

Goals are great. Just don’t forget about the journey – because that’s what self-improvement is, it’s a journey that never ends, there are just lots of pitstops along the way.

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