Personal Growth Challenges

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Personal Growth ChallengesThe Personal Growth Challenges that occur in life may seem like negative things you just have to survive, but if you consider them the right way, these challenges can actually help your personal growth during your life. After all, these personal growth challenges teach you many essential life lessons, and if you accept them as learning opportunities, you can come out a better, stronger person on the other side of major disappointments.

The oyster is a perfect metaphor for how challenges can shape you. A tiny piece of sand inside that oyster results in friction and turmoil, but what the oyster creates from this challenge is a beautiful pearl. That little bit of grit is all it takes for something amazing to be created, and the same is true for you. The following are our top eight lessons that  personal growth challenges can teach you, and how each can help you develop personally in your life.

1. You develop patience.

When you have to endure difficulty and turmoil for extended periods, you can feel frustrated and anxious. But, when you finally come out on the other side and see how far you have come, you understand that sometimes, the best things are worth waiting for.

2. You learn compassion.

When you have to endure pain, disappointment, or uncertainty, you often will develop a greater compassion toward others who may be experiencing challenges of their own. This empathy can help you connect with others, which in turn helps you through your own future challenges, too.

3. You better understand your own weaknesses.

Challenges are a great opportunity to learn more about yourself, including where your strengths and weaknesses lie. By using setbacks, failures, and other difficulties to critically examine yourself, you are likely to learn more, to be able to set new personal goals, and to grow from these challenging experiences.

4. You gain confidence.

Once you have met a challenge head-on and emerged victorious on the other side, you begin to feel more confident in your abilities and strengths. You will feel more prepared for the next challenge in life, knowing you have already bested some tough situations. Without challenges, you never really know what you are capable of doing.

5. You build character.

Moving through life unimpeded does little to teach you lessons or offer you opportunities to grow and change. Challenges create circumstances that test you and provide opportunities to make personal strides, learn new skills, and become a better person. Challenges can teach you strength, resiliency, determination, empathy, and much more.

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6. You develop new perspectives.

personal growth challenges have a way of helping you see the world differently. While you can choose to become jaded after a setback, you can also opt to see the world from others perspectives, to value the input of others, and to gain insight from the trials and tribulations of others. Those who have endured their own challenges have a lot to teach us and being open to those learning experiences is vital to accepting challenges as a teachable moment in life.

7. You find new depths inside yourself.

Everyday life can force you into acceptance and complacency, but challenges offer you opportunities for gratitude as well as to push yourself in new ways. Failure and setbacks are often where we find just what is really inside of us.

8. You develop humility.

Personal growth challenges are the great equalizer, as they force each of us to accept our own weaknesses, mortality, and embarrassments. Surviving these challenges helps you appreciate your good fortune when it comes, and it can be a reminder to yourself to stay humble, as life can change in an instant.

Challenges often help us develop a willingness to see everyone as a possible teacher in our lives, from your most accomplished mentor to a stranger on the street.

The trials and challenges of life are indeed what teach us the most about ourselves. Without these, life is easy, and we operate on auto-pilot within our comfortable bubble of familiarity. But, when we are pushed outside the boundaries of comfort by setbacks and obstacles, we can expand and widen our gifts and perspectives, helping us to grow into better people.

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