Habits For Heart Health

Heart Health, Meditation
20 Must Have Heart Health Habits 1. No Smoking Whether it's a pipe, cigar, or cigarettes – smoking is just as bad for your heart as it is for your lungs. Whatever you do, do not smoke. If you're already a smoker then it's time to quit. You would do well to convince anyone living in your home to quit smoking, too. Secondhand smoke is just as toxic. 2. Stay Active Anything is better than nothing, but you should aim for at least 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity each day. If your fitness activity level isn’t high enough to start out with 20 minutes at a time, then work in 5 or 10-minute increments to get yourself started. You'll quickly find that you're able to do more as…
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The Health Benefits of Meditation – Infographic

Infographics, Meditation, Mental Wellness
The below infographic displays many of The Health Benefits of Meditation including that studies show that cancer patients have recovered more effectively when practicing meditation. Click Here for more Health, Fitness and Personal Development Infographics Make sure to check out our health, fitness and personal development related free learning guides and quality digital products.
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Your Health Can Benefit From Meditation

Health, Meditation, Mindset
You’ve likely heard about the health benefits of yoga in improving mental and physical health and improving flexibility, and you might assume that meditation is the same thing. Although meditation can certainly be incorporated into yoga, it is an entirely different practice. How Meditation Works Meditation involves stopping your mind while maintaining a state of awareness. It is much more than sitting and concentrating in a quiet area for a designated amount of time; it involves clearing your mind of all thoughts, achieving a deep inward peace, and maintaining alertness in the process. People often use certain postures, breathing techniques, and even chants to help facilitate the process, but these are not required, and they are not the act of meditation itself, just support Tools. As a beginner, you should…
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Yoga and Meditation

Holistic Medicine, Meditation, Natural Healing, Yoga
Holistic medicine is a practice of medicine that advocates not only established Western approaches to medicine which includes diagnosis and treatment using surgery or pharmacology; but also includes Easter medicine approaches to wellbeing which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation. Yoga is a practice from India which promotes the health and wellbeing of the body by engaging in exercises that involve poses. The regular practice of yoga builds endurance, agility and flexibility of the muscles. It is usually practiced in conjunction with meditation. How It Works In both yoga and meditation, the emphasis is on deep and controlled breathing. The deep and controlled breathing helps the body achieve strength, balance and agility in order to do all the yoga poses. At the same time the deep and controlled…
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Improve Your Life With Self-Reflection

Meditation, Mindset, Personal development, Positivity
When you look at your development, there are three key characteristics that play a vital role – self-management, self-confidence, and self-reflection. It's far easier to improve your life and develop yourself as a person when all three are present. • Self-Management – This is something that we often view as a personality trait, it's all about pushing yourself up and getting going. The truth of the matter is that some people are naturally stronger in this than others, however, that doesn't mean it isn't possible for the rest of us. Those who are more natural in self-management respond to their environment and others. To develop your self-management we need to step into that unknown. We're all more comfortable when we are familiar with a situation, but the only way to…
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What Is Ayurveda?

Diet, Holistic Medicine, Meditation, Mental Wellness, Natural Healing
What Is Ayurveda And Its Uses And Benefits For Health Known as an ancient healing system originating in India, Ayurveda is a holistic medical system that focuses on a spiritual way of life. Highly individualized the Ayurveda treatment can incorporate a wide variety of methods such as changes in diet, exercise, herbal therapy, massage and meditation. History Written between the second and fourth centuries the first recorded book of Ayurveda is believed to be based on an older oral tradition. Focusing most of its attention on digestion the book discusses all the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda tradition influenced the development of traditional Chinese medicine which only furthered the development of Ayurveda. The Principles Discussing the principles in any depth is far beyond the possibility of this article but what this…
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Increase Brain Health With Mindful Meditation

Holistic Medicine, Meditation, Mental Wellness, Natural Healing
Introduction to Mindful Meditation Meditation is a form of alternative medicine that has been associated with a number of benefits, specifically to the individual’s mental health, such as decreased stress levels and improved mood. Mindfulness, in particular, is a form of meditation that involves intense concentration and focus on the present. Mindful meditation requires awareness of one’s thoughts and actions in the present, putting aside all thoughts of the past and the future. Meditation In Holistic Care No matter who you are, or the stresses you have in your life, mediation is a sure fire way to improve wellbeing. Those who mediate will attest to its powers and mediation masters can literally detach themselves from any type of chaos and outside noise by simply going into their minds and a…
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Natural Treatments for Chronic Stress

Meditation, Natural Healing, Stress Management, Yoga
Stress is an everyday word that you can encounter too often in this busy, fast-moving world. While a week’s worth of stress may easily be relieved after a Friday night with friends, stress over long periods of time can result into a wide array of conditions, encompassing physical, mental, and behavioral aspects. Stress is the body’s response to the pressure perceived from our surroundings. While a daily, little dose of stress might be normal, exposure to excessive stress for a prolonged period can lead to more serious diseases and behavioral disorders. Chronic stress is in fact one of the known culprits for developing anxiety, depression, asthma, heart attack, diabetes, and even premature death. Conventional Versus Alternative Treatment Conventional medicine had often focused on treating the mind and the body separately.…
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Embrace Stillness for Peace of Mind

Meditation, Mindset, Positivity
We live in a fast-paced world that seems to be getting faster with each passing moment. The internet has connected us in ways we never imagined. However, people reach out to each other any time the mood strikes. That can make it difficult to have time for yourself. Embrace stillness, and you can gain back your peace of mind. You can think of stillness in multiple ways. One way to think of it is as the word suggests. You don’t move. You merely reflect on the day’s activities in a quiet room, away from all distractions. You can do this for extended periods, or you can do it in small increments of time. Both will benefit you. You may consider this to be a form of meditation. However, meditation is…
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Use Meditation For Brain Health

Anti Aging, Meditation, Smarter Brain, Yoga
As people age, their brain’s lose weight and volume. These changes may start to occur in people as early as their mid to late 20s. Previous research has shown people who meditate to lose less brain mass over time than those who do not. In particular, research concluded people who meditated showed less of a decrease in their white brain matter. White brain matter acts as a connector and insulator for gray brain matter. It carries nerve impulses between the functional parts of the brain. Gray brain matter houses the various neurological centers of the brain, which direct speech, motor skills, memory, etc. Meditation is something practiced by more than 15 million Americans and many more people around the world. It has its roots in eastern culture, but has been…
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