Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

Meditation, Mindset
Meditation doesn’t belong to any caste or religion and can be practiced by anybody regardless of the faith they follow. 1. Meditation transforms you as a person Meditation can bring a true personal transformation as by practicing it you get involved in introspection. When you talk to yourself or spend more time with yourself, you’ll naturally start discovering more about yourself. But to see this different personality in yourself, it is very important to practice it regularly. Meditation is like a seed. When you cultivate it, it blossoms. 2. Meditation helps you bring harmony The principle of life suggests that what we get is what we give back. And Meditation brings you into a state of vastness, calmness, and joy, so this is what you emit into the environment, thus…
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Mental Benefits of Meditation

Meditation, Pain relief, Stress Management
Meditation cleanses and nourishes you from within and calms you, whenever you feel overwhelmed, unstable, or emotionally shut down. It makes you aware - that your inner attitude determines your happiness. If you practice meditation regularly, it can have everlasting effects. Some of them are mentioned below: 1. Meditation provides an Emotional Balance Emotional balance means to be free of all the neurotic behavior that results from the existence of a tortured and traumatized ego. This is very hard to achieve fully, but meditation certainly is the way to cure unhealthy emotional states. When consciousness is cleansed of emotionally soaked memories, it helps to achieve a much need emotional balance. 2. Meditation improves your focus, attention, and ability to work under stress Meditation practice generally revolves around the area of…
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Controlling Jealousy

Mindset, Personal development, Relationships
Everyone has the potential to be jealous. Some people will experience small bouts of jealousy while it will become an obsession with others. The small incidents are usually not reasons to worry about, and you can probably just pass them off. It’s when you start to become obsessive that you may want to look into ways to reduce it. Jealousy is usually about a lack of trust. So, you need to evaluate why you are mistrustful of people. Have they done something bad in the past that violated your trust? If they want to make amends, and you cannot overcome your feelings of jealousy, this is going to be a roadblock in your relationship. Try to see the peoples’ views. What was the motivation behind that violation of trust? Sometimes,…
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Types Of Yoga Meditation

Meditation, Yoga
Meditation is not of a single type or category but it has multiple types. There are a lot of different ways of doing meditation and dozens of techniques are involved in the process. Thus, it becomes very important to know that which technique will work out the best for you. You may also find some misleading information on the Web regarding various types of meditation, so it is important for you to get a detailed knowledge of each category in order to understand which one is beneficial for you. This article will help you navigate the sea of different practices of seated meditation, briefly explaining each of them. There are literally hundreds of types of meditation, so here we shall explore only the most popular ones. General Types of Meditation…
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Physical Benefits of Meditation

Health, Meditation, Womens Health
There is a lot of good work that meditation and the relaxation effect is doing on your body. While relaxation techniques can be very different, their biological effects are essentially similar. Let us check out below: 1. Meditation reduces risk of heart diseases and stroke Off lately, heart diseases have become one of the most prominent causes of deaths. Transcendental Meditation is the most effective in reducing the risk of mortality and stroke in coronary heart disease patients. 2. Meditation affects genes that control stress and immunity After practicing meditation, the meditators develop improved mitochondrial energy production, consumption, and resiliency. This improvement helps in building a higher immunity in the body system and thus making it more resilient to stress. Apart from this, relaxation appears to boost immunity in recovering…
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Yoga And Meditation

Meditation, Mindset, Yoga
Most of you have heard meditation, it’s a popular word for all of us today, but only a few of us truly know what meditation is. “Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.” – Swami Sivananda Meditation has a one common goal – to stop the incessant activity of mind by transforming it. Meditation is the real antidote to our own personal sorrow, the anxiety, fear, hatred, and general confusions that beset the human condition. It gives us a deep rest, and the real meditation is deeper than the deepest sleep that you can ever have. When the mind becomes free from agitation, is calm and serene and at peace, meditation happens. Common Myths about Meditation…
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Transform Your Life

Personal development
Transform Your Life by Doing Something You Love Many people go to college to do what they believe they have wanted to do all their lives. The first several years are rewarding, and then they start to realize this is something they are going to do until they retire. They are quickly disillusioned, and they get into a rut. Many people continue doing what they do out of fear there is nothing else, or they are getting a steady paycheck. The lucky few, however, break away and find their true passion in life. While starting up a new career may be exciting, it is not necessary to do so in order to do something you love. You can start up a hobby in your spare time, or you can volunteer…
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Why You Should Unclutter

Personal development
Unclutter Your Space, Unclutter Your Mind It is widely believed that if your surroundings are cluttered, you will not be as productive. It has an impact on your psyche which means if you unclutter your space you will also unclutter your mind. When you open your mind, your thoughts and ideas will flow more smoothly. This is one of the major ways keeping your environment clutter free will lead you to be more productive. It’s not easy for some people to unclutter their lives. If you have ever seen the television show Hoarders, it shows how some people have psychological blocks about throwing things away or getting rid of them. It gets so bad that they can’t even live in their homes due to all the clutter. This makes it…
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Yoga And Your Physical Health

Fitness, Health, Personal development, Yoga
1. Perfects your body posture Our modern lives conspire against good postures. We spend 8-10 hours of our day sitting in the office, staring at our computer screens and later on slouching on our couches once we reach home. Getting a good body posture, a perfectly aligned spine can be accomplished by practicing Yoga. It is not an activity to be done once a week, or fortnight or monthly too in some cases. Instead, it needs to be done regularly. If you train your body to maintain the normal spinal curves and keep your posture vertical and spacious when you're standing or sitting upright, you're likely to feel better all over. And this can be achieved with the power of Yoga. 2. Builds muscle strength Strong muscles not only make…
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The Mind, Body, Yoga Connection

Fitness, Mindset, Personal development, Yoga
Essentially, the entire purpose of Yoga is to unite the body, mind, and soul. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, “Yoga is a mind and body practice with origins in ancient Indian philosophy. The various styles of Yoga typically combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.” Those of us who practice Yoga on a regular basis can attest to its ability to provide mental clarity in conjunction with physical strength. The goal of any human activity is to achieve a state of perfect understanding, clarity, and renewed strength that can be achieved only from a strong mind-body connection. And, the body and the mind are in a state of constant interaction. There is a unique connection between your mind and body. Your thoughts affect…
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