Natural Nail Care Tips

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Natural Nail Care Tips for People Over Fifty

Natural Nail Care TipsMost all women nowadays want nice looking nails, especially when they get up in their fifties and above. Having great nails means they will be stronger, less brittle, and able to hold polish a lot longer than nails which are unhealthy. The beauty world places a lot of pressure on women, as well men too, but mostly on women to always look our best no matter what age we are, but what if we get to an age where having great nails, skin, and hair is a challenge? Taking care of your fingernails includes what we are eating, how many times we wash our hands each day and so many other factors. Today, we are going to be discussing some great, natural nail care tips for people over the age of fifty.

Keeping Your Hands Very Clean

This is a very important element to do if you are wanting great nails at any age, especially after the age of fifty. Making sure that your nails are always clean will help to prevent you from getting fungus around the nailbed. What you can do other than wash your hands is to take a toothbrush, apply soap to your toothbrush and clean in between and up under your nails to make sure that you have gotten all the extra crud and dirt out from under your nails. It would hurt to also scrub the skin around your nails too because if there are any left dirt and germs on the surface of your skin, that will seep down into the nailbed as well.

Always Trim Regularly

Just like your hair, it’s always a great idea to trim your nails around every two weeks to stimulate proper nail growth. This will also keep your nails stronger, making them grow longer and faster. It’s just like your hair; you must trim it to give it that growth boost it needs. Keep your nails alive by trimming them every two weeks, and you will see just how much stronger they will become.

Go Health Over Length

Long nails are beautiful; we can all admit that, yes, but having longer nails a lot of the times will set yourself up for snags and breakage. It would be best to keep them more on the shorter side because when nails get to a certain length, they tend to naturally become brittle anyway. If you snag your long nail on something sharp, this could cause an abrasion to your skin and forms of infection could come in, resulting in a skin fungi or other forms of illness throughout your skin/body.

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Always Have an Emery Board on Hand

Having an emery board on hand is also a great idea to consider because we all will get snag, tears, and breakage throughout the course of our nail’s life. If you are someone that does work that includes rougher work or if you work out at a health club, then it would be best if you could carry an emery board with you to file away all the rough edges that may come during your work. By keeping an emery board on hand and actually using it will help to stimulate your nail growth overtime as well.

Remember to Always Be Gentle

You must remember that your fingernails are quite delicate, so you must always handle them with care. Did you know that by using metal nail tools that we dig with underneath the nail could actually cause your nail plate to separate from the skin? That’s why it’s always so important to never scrub or dig too fiercely whenever you are cleaning the dirt out from underneath your fingernail. The separation could actually lead to irregular white arching from the tip of your nail.

Do Not Cut Your Cuticles

Your cuticles serve a very important purpose with the health of your nails. They seal the overall area of the base of your fingernail. Now, whenever you cut or remove your cuticle, that will break that seal of protection from your nail. This will leave you with a heightened risk of disease, as well infection. Try always to leave your cuticles alone, and your nails will definitely thank you for it!

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