Mental Health In Women Over 40

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Mental Health In Women Over 40Taking care of one’s own mental health is a task everybody needs to have in his or hers priorities in life. This is true for all periods of life, even before 40s. One should constantly put in effort in expanding one’s own mind and learning new things, subsequently better understanding the environment and in turn better understanding own self.

But, unfortunately, people tend to neglect their own mental health when they are younger, and some even do this their entire lives. It is in this fact that you should realize that there are certain benefits gained with age.

It is a general assumption that everybody dislikes getting older, men and women. It is an even more known fact that women tend to show signs of even stronger dislike then men. It is, naturally, because women tend to put much faith in how they look, in cultivation of their own bodies and good looks, which generally wears down with age.

But, if one is to solve this good looks issue, one must start at the beginning. Why do women have an inherent need to look good, to cultivate their own bodies, and to attract attention of both males and females?

The human condition, as psychologists call it, poses certain questions to us, and comes with certain unanswered existential dilemmas. Like for instance the meaning of life, or our own purpose in this world.

Psychology has recognized that the phenomena of fusing with the society and finding people with whom one shares deep emotions, such as love, provide the answer to these existential questions. People escape their own loneliness and overcome it with love and fusion with another human being, or beings.

But, in this quest of fusion, people tend to take wrong paths and choose wrong methods. One such method is precisely attracting people with your own good looks.
If you would even briefly think about the questions in stake and the purpose of wanting to fuse with other people, one could easily conclude that good looks is simply trivial compared to much larger questions we must answer in order to achieve love or connection.

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But, women over 40 contrary to this common misbelief of being obsessed with their looks actually worry much more about their own regrets in life, their past. But, the focus of this article is not to address the problems women have over 40, but to answer how women can take care of their mental health during that period of life.

Naturally, mental instability or any negative emotion or thought, does originate out of some problem someone has, so mentioning problems had to be included. But, women over 40 should remember to focus on the things that truly matter and those are:

  • Being aware of oneself
  • Acting and thinking out of your own center
  • Fusing your knowledge and experience into your intuition
  • Discipline and patience
  • Concentration

As said earlier, people tend to neglect taking care of their own mental health during young age, and as a result many mental problems, mild or severe, actually develop during youth or adolescence because that is the period in which the person is still developing.

After 40, you should try and feel your own awareness of one self, practice concentration and listen to your own self, i.e. act from your own center.
Age brings with it knowledge and experience, and women should focus on fusing them into their own intuition, and this is done with discipline and patience.

It is only when you are acting out of your own center that you will surpass shallow notions of good looks and understand that although cultivating one’s own body is not a bad thing by itself, cultivating one’s mind is a far more important thing. After all, a beautiful mind can make anybody look beautiful, but beautiful looks cannot cover up an ugly mind, maybe at first but not forever.

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