What Is A Hustler?

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What It Means to be a Hustler

What Is A Hustler?The word hustling has its origins from street slang that refers to making money and often in illegal or unscrupulous ways. This is why most search results from online dictionaries and search engines mostly contain negative references and meanings of the word “hustler”. However, this word has come to define many successful people because it represents the hard work, resilience and other virtues that go into achieving success. So although hustling is mostly associated with vices and negativity, it is not always used to mean something unethical or dishonorable. On the contrary, it is used to define the characters and work attitudes that have brought success to many people.

Hustlers are Go-getters
A hustler knows how to get whatever they want. Actually anyone can get anything they want if they set their minds on it. What sets hustlers apart from everyone else is that once they have decided to pursue something; be it an opportunity, a job or even a girl, they focus on it and ensure that they get it. Others see the same opportunities but easily give up when they encounter challenges along the way. A hustler on the other hand will continue knocking at that door and more often than not, their persistence wears out the resistance so to speak.

Hustlers are Risk-takers
You cannot be a hustler if you cannot take a risk and this is why it takes certain people to make entrepreneurs. Being a hustler means taking risks. Sometimes these risks pay off, sometimes they don’t but what matters is keeping the spirit. Many people are trapped at average 9 to 5 jobs they don’t like while others simply have no ambition. If you are in this category, you are definitely not a hustler. You need to get a little hustler spirit in you and then maybe you can create your own business or even find a job you enjoy.

Hustlers are Hard Workers
What sets a hustler apart and keeps them ahead of their competitors is their ability to work hard. While many people are content to work 8 hours a day, hustlers put their very best efforts into their work and often work more than 16 hours each day. This means that they are able to accomplish two days’ work in a single day. Because of this aggressive work attitude, they are often able to stay a step ahead of competition and eventually go on to become great in their fields or businesses.
So basically, anyone who can develop this hustling spirit and go on to excel in whatever they choose to do. At the end of the day, success can be achieved by anyone who really wants it because they are willing to pay the price.

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