How To Take Care Of Me

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Don’t you think it’s about time you had some ‘You’ time? Have you been spread too thin? Do you have to run around all over the place taking care of other people, or is it your job to be a slave to the demands of others? How about we take you into the world of self-love? To make sure that we cover all the angles, we’re going to approach this from 3 essential directions; Physical, Mental & Spiritual.

The Spiritual Perspective

How To Take Care Of MeOne of the most important things you can do for yourself is consider your spirituality. This means that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you are always weighing things up against your spirituality. If you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person, you can simply change this to considering your greater life purpose, or life focus. When you weigh everything up against your greater spiritual meaning you can ensure that you only engage with the things that suit you at the highest levels.

Wise Spirituality
Cultivating spiritual wisdom means that you have enquired deeply enough into your nature so that you are able to have a full and rounded awareness of how to live your life in accordance with your spiritual values.

Wisdom is the sort of thing that can only really come through experience, so cultivating your spirituality will allow this wisdom to develop naturally so it can shine through you and out into your world.

Understanding Yourself

This is like wisdom in that it requires time to cultivate, but understanding doesn’t always only come to us through experience; it also comes from study. By applying your time to the study of your spirituality you will be able to grow and evolve.

After intense study, you may find that your spiritual values change and mature, leaving even more room for growth. It doesn’t matter what form of spirituality you practice or subscribe too, understanding your spiritual practice fully will allow you to experience greater peace, and to align your life with the highest values that your spirituality offers.

A Life-Long Journey

Spirituality is not something you develop overnight; it takes years and years of intense focus and cultivation to fully mature. Be prepared to commit yourself to the lifelong inquiry into your spiritual awareness and don’t be afraid to experiment with it and allow it to change and evolve.

The whole purpose of spiritual practice is to allow you to experience greater amounts of joy and peace in your life. You will be unable to do this if you box yourself in from an early age. Be open and allow your beliefs and understanding to be challenged, after all, if what you hold closest to your heart is true, there is nothing in the world that will break your resolve.

Apply Yourself

How To Take Care Of MeThere is no point in considering yourself a spiritual person, if you don’t use your spirituality to influence your life. By applying your spiritual understanding to your life, you will ensure that everything you do aligns with your higher spiritual truth.

This is a sure-fire recipe for a peaceful and successful life, because you will eventually come to be surrounded by other people who share the same outlook and values as you. And as far as I am aware, there isn’t a single spiritual tradition on the planet that doesn’t support its practitioners in all facets of their personal and spiritual lives.

Bask In The Beauty Of Your Spirituality

Your spiritual practice should give you a constant insurgence of strength. It serves to keep you connected to your highest virtues and the ways in which you want to constantly aspire to live.

By keeping yourself connected to your spiritual values, you are able, at any moment, to return inward into yourself and bask in the spiritual light of your own truth. This is one of the most powerful aspects of spirituality, and something that only a spiritual person would understand.

What Is Spirituality?

Create Yourself

If you are unhappy with the way your life is going, you can make the conscious decision to create yourself anew. Anyone who has a deep connection to their spiritual practice understands that we can find freedom in the knowledge that no matter what we have done, no matter how bad our life is, we can find a constant resource for positive change within our very own spiritual connection. By concentrating your efforts within yourself, and bringing your attention into your spiritual truth, you can re-design the parts of your life that you want to change.

Freedom Of Choice

By making your spirituality a high priority in your life, it will be easier for you to make the right kind of life choices that suit your higher values. Without the framework of a spiritual life to base your decisions on, the route that you should take is more likely to be misguided based on your circumstances, rather than your overall perspective on your life.

On the other hand, if you do have a secure foundation of spirituality in your life, you will know which choice to make regarding pretty much anything that happens to you. If it fits into your spiritual values, it makes sense to you to pursue that particular option.


After a while of living a life specifically set to abide by your highest values and virtues, everything else in your life is able to fall neatly into that framework. Spirituality is the highest path in life to attaining structure and an organized approach to living.

Someone who has been living this way for a while will understand the importance of this framework, and the effortlessness that comes with making the right decisions to maintain the upward momentum of the spiritual path. It does take a while to develop, and to fully mature, but once it does, it makes everything else in life so much easier to manage.

Spiritual Living

How To Take Care Of MeBy considering everything that your spiritual life has to offer and securing a solid foundation in making the choices that you need to make align with your spiritual values, your entire life will become a reflection of a grand spiritual journey that you have been on since birth.

When it comes to having a very clear perspective on your life, and the things that you do, the spiritual path cannot be surpassed.

Do everything you can do to secure a spiritual life for yourself, and the framework upon which you can build your life will give you clear instruction as to what to do, and what not to do, in order to maintain the highest level of virtue your spirituality can provide.

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The Mental Universe

Your Mental Domain

One of the biggest aspects of your life is the mental domain in which you spend most of your time. I am sure that almost anyone can’t argue with the fact that human beings are thinking machines: all day long we go about thinking of this and that.

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So, it should be just as clear to us that it’s important to gain a certain degree of understanding, and if possible, mastery over this area of our lives. Learn to reflect on your mental experiences if you want to develop the ability to maximize your personal freedom and mental fortitude.

The Brain Is A Box

Have you ever heard the expression “think outside the box?” It’s practically impossible, because everything you think is contained inside the same box. We all know what it means though. It refers to thinking in a way that is out of the ordinary, and that is what I want you to consider here.
For a lot of people, the idea of actually paying attention to their thoughts can actually be a very strange idea. But by beginning to observe your thoughts objectively you will find that these wonderful things that occur constantly in our brains actually play a very important role in our lives.

You Are Not Your Thoughts

How To Take Care Of MeYour thoughts have the marvelous ability of recreating a model of reality for you to use when considering the various aspects of your life. By learning to look at your thoughts objectively, you can come to see that they actually exist independently of you, and so this allows a certain level of freedom and malleability in them.

You can change your thoughts, just like you can change your clothes or your hair. Different thoughts bring with them different emotions, different feelings, even completely different perspectives on life. If you haven’t deeply investigated this for yourself, there is a whole dimension of your existence that you haven’t yet even begun to experience,

A Good Habit

Get into the habit of paying attention to the thoughts that occur in your head. You do this by learning to observe them objectively. Notice what thoughts you have at particular times of the day and pay attention to whether your thoughts are positive or negative.

Do they wander off aimlessly thinking about things that aren’t really happening or are they particularly focused on something specific? Getting into the habit of looking at your thoughts in this way will set the framework for further mental mastery that comes later in the process.

Try To Think

For the next part, once you have gained greater awareness of the kinds of thoughts that you have, I want you to think consciously, for what might be the first time in a very long time. You see, there is a very real difference between a thought that you are thinking unconsciously, and a thought that you are thinking consciously.

Your unconscious thoughts practically lead themselves and are based on years and years of habitual thinking conditioned based on your life up to that point. Conscious thoughts though, can be about absolutely anything but require the conscious application of your intent in order to appear. Most people think completely unconsciously. Your job though, is to become fully conscious.

Does Spirituality Make You Happy?

Holding A Thought

Once you have experienced the difference between thinking unconsciously and thinking consciously, which has practically the same amount of difference between an ant and the moon, I want you to try to hold onto a single thought. It sounds easy doesn’t it, but as you are about to find out, your brain is very much like a child with Attention Deficit Disorder, at least it is when you first try to do this. In time, it will become much easier for you to hold your intention on a single thought, thereby making it easier for you to concentrate, and remain focused on whatever task is at hand.

Making Your Brain Work For You

How To Take Care Of MeAt the end of the day, you are the employer and your brain is the employee. For most people though, they are slaves to their habitual conditioning. By actively taking control of the things that your brain focusses on, you will regain the ability to direct your brain only into the areas of life that you want to it to focus on.

Quite frankly, this is the difference between life and death. You are either responding to what Is happening around you like a zombie chasing your own brain, or you are focusing your mental power and strength in the direction of your own choosing, manipulating and manufacturing your mental universe as you see fit. You can’t do both, you must choose to be either the master, or the slave.

The Developmental Process

Once you realize that you can actively control your thoughts, you need to develop the ability to influence yourself positively. You do this by holding specifically positive thoughts in your head.
Doing for this a long time will give you the ability to be more positive in your life, and you will also learn to keep negative and destructive thought patterns out of your life. This is a process that takes years to fully master, but it is one of the most important skills that a person can develop to gain greater mastery in any domain of their life.

Mental Space

The next step in developing greater mental mastery is accessing mental space. This is the very opposite of holding a single thought in mind; it means actually holding no thoughts in mind so that you can experience the tranquility and peace that comes right along with experiencing mental space. To achieve this, you need to focus primarily on your sensory experiences, the things you hear, see, feel, taste, and smell, without using your thoughts to judge those thigs. By emerging yourself completely in the sensory experiences of this moment, your brain will cease thinking momentarily and you will access the peace and freedom that comes while being detached from to your thoughts.

Mental Mastery

By applying yourself mentally and spiritually as we have spoken about here, you will be well on your way to making the kind of differences in your life that caused you to read this report in the first place. Mental mastery must be combined with both spiritual and physical mastery in order for it to fully mature.

Without the spiritual framework, there will always be room for doubt and confusion. Without the physical framework you won’t have the strength, determination, and health to push on through the challenges and difficult times that this lifestyle brings. Combine everything you learn here into one holistic approach to living, and you are guaranteed to reach the level of success that you truly desire.

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