How to Make Yourself Smarter

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How to Make Yourself SmarterAccording to studies from King’s College London, the key may be rooted in simply believe it is possible (

In their trial students had classes on the workings of the brain. Half of the students were told it wasn’t possible to get smarter and the other half were told it was possible. The students who believed they could make themselves smarter retained around 85% of the teachings, the other group? Just 54%. Your beliefs can impact your brain and if you believe you can be smarter your brain will cooperate with firing neurons.

There’s good news for anyone who is interested in growing their smarts, there are a few other ways to do so. If you are determined to grow your smarts, check out these ways to help you on your path.


It’s time to push your introversion to one side and start hanging out with your family and friends. Regular social interaction is a great way to boost your memory and increase your intelligence. There’s good news for you, too, you don’t need to be indulging in profound conversation or reading each other the classics to get the benefit. The brain is going to benefit from your social interactions regardless.

There are other benefits to socializing, such as improving your mental health and relieving stress. Of course, stress can have a detrimental effect on your brain and thus your intelligence. So, another way to improve your smarts is by learning how to effectively manage your stress levels.

Regular Exercise

Exercise helps you lose weight, boost your mood, relieve stress, and according to Georgetown University, it also happens to promote new neurons. Why is that such a big deal? Neurons are how your brain builds memories and reinforces them, meaning exercise is helping you get smarter.

Exercise is great for your mental health and for helping you get smarter.

Drink Coffee (Or Tea)

Caffeine gives your brain a boost allowing you to focus. How? It releases dopamine to key regions of the brain that boosts long-term memory. While many turn to prescription drugs to achieve this, you can simply enjoy a cup of coffee for the same effects. It blocks adenosine, which slows your brain to prepare for sleep, meaning neurons fire more frequently (which in turn makes you smarter).

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Additionally, it triggers the release of norepinephrine which provides your reaction time, ability to retain memories, and overall brain performance with a boost.


You already know just how beneficial meditation can be for your stress levels and your mental health, but did you ever stop to think how it could contribute to your intelligence levels? A UCLA study found that meditators have thicker pre-frontal cortex tissue, which of course is the area of the brain contributing to focus.

Learning new things also helps, whether it’s a language or a musical instrument.

Give in To Daydreams

There’s nothing worse than someone snapping you from a sweet daydream, but as it turns out allowing your mind to wander is a good thing! Your brain is incredibly active at these points and by allowing your mind to wander into a daydream it is stimulating your creativity. It allows areas of your brain which are generally disconnected to connect to create fresh neural pathways.

Research from the University of California, Santa Barbara has found daydreaming students perform better than others. It also happens to be a technique that Steve Jobs relied on to stimulate his creativity. So, if you’re prone to daydreams you are certainly in good company.

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Thanks in advance for sharing! Jeanne :)

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