How To Have More Positive Days

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How To Have More Positive Days

Sometimes it seems like life is a doldrum of activity. It doesn’t go forward. It doesn’t go backward. You’re just stuck in this repetitive nothingness.

Luckily, being stuck in the doldrums of life is a choice. When you choose to focus on the tedious nature of your days look dull and boring. Choosing your outlook can lead to better days. Here are six ways that you can make yourself have better days.

Be Aware
The first step to having better days is to become aware of your thoughts and how they contribute to your mood. The Herald Extra notes that being aware of your attitude and emotions is going to help you find ways to be more positive.

Negative thoughts spirals into negative action. Positive thought spirals into positive action. You need to choose to be aware of your thoughts and emotions.

Stop Complaining

Often people who have a negative outlook on life complain– a lot! Psychology Today tells us that the problem with complaining is that it allows you to focus on all the negative aspects in life. Your waitress didn’t put enough ice in your drink, so your day is ruined.

Instead of complaining, find the things that you should be grateful for in the situation. When your waitress doesn’t put enough ice in your drink, at least you’re getting more beverage. Changing complaints into gratitude will help you have better days.

Mirror Positive Behavior

When trying to have a better outlook on life it can be difficult. The self-help blog, highlights how mirroring is a powerful tool when trying to change your outlook on life.

Many times, you’re stuck in a cycle of negativity and you don’t know how to break out of it. Find the most positive person that you know and mirror their behavior. Mirroring will let you know how to act in a positive manner without having to do a lot of research or internal work. If you mirror someone long, enough you will adopt those positive behaviors.

Let Go of the Little Things

The Huffington Post says people who are overwhelmed with negativity hold on to the little events that happen in life. That waitress who didn’t give you enough ice, the person who cut you off in traffic, and other small incidents lead to a negative or angry outlook.

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Practice letting these things go. If you find yourself stuck on them take some deep breaths and remind yourself to let it go. It really is not important.

Remind Yourself Of Your Power

Tiny Buddha takes a different approach to achieving a better outlook on life. Tiny Buddha wants you to know that you are not your thoughts and actions, you are not even your emotions.

You have the power to choose your strength and your actions. Once you realize that you have the power to control your thoughts, your actions, and even your ability, you will find that your outlook on life has drastically improved.

Don’t Live In The Past

The self-improvement blog Live Bold and Bloom highlights the importance of letting go of the past. People often don’t live in the present moment, they are surrounded by thoughts of past actions and deeds.

Harboring these old injuries and thoughts can lead to a very negative outlook on life. If you want to truly have better days you need to let go of the past. Start living in the present moment to allow yourself a peaceful existence.

These six steps are essential to helping you have better days from here on. Start with awareness and stop living in the past. Everything in between will take time to learn, but when you do you will master your positive outlook on life.

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Thanks in advance for sharing! Jeanne :)

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