The Consequences Of Binge Eating

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Binge Eating and Consequences for Your Body Food has become a thorn in many people’s sides. Really, a lot of this is not about food, but the type of food we have available to us in the modern world. When it comes to binge eating, addictive man made foods result in aff4ecting us in such a way as to cause to drastically overeat, not because our bodies need food but for dysfunctional reasons. Eating disorders, as bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating, are life-threatening, serious conditions that affect a person’s physical, emotional and mental health. They all stem from an addiction to the dopamine (a “feel good” hormone) released in the reward center of the brain; an addiction which is just as strong as that of alcohol or drugs.…
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Do You Have An Eating Problem?

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Self-Assessment Test: Do You Eat For Hunger Or To Stuff Emotions? People eat for many reasons. For some, eating is a time of social interaction or fun. Others eat strictly because the body is sending signals from the stomach by way of hormones telling them they are hungry, in other words they eat to live. Unfortunately, there are still others for which eating is an emotional crutch. They eat because stress and strong emotions have invaded their mind and food becomes a way to block the unpleasantness of the feelings. Some of the most common feelings that people eat behind are loneliness, stress, sadness, heartache, and boredom. When we eat emotionally in order to stuff feelings, we end up eating too much or eating the wrong foods. Our overall health…
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What Is Night Eating Syndrome

Diet, Mental Wellness, Stress Management, Weight gain
When eating disorders are brought to mind, most people think of anorexia and bulimia. There are others, including Night Eating Syndrome, or NES. This disorder is far more prevalent than most realize. As with most eating disorders, sufferers are very secretive; the nocturnal aspect makes this even more so. Physical and emotional health can be severely compromised by this condition, as it disrupts not only healthy eating, but also sleep patterns. Its disruptive and damaging effects are not limited to the evening, but affect almost every aspect of a person’s life. In this short report on excessive nighttime food consumption that can lead to dramatic health problems, we will take a look at exactly what night eating syndrome is, and what causes it. You will learn the symptoms and complications…
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Emotions That Lead To Overeating

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Healthy Ways To Deal With Emotions That Lead To Overeating Ideally, we eat when we receive signals from the brain that tell us we are hungry and we stop eating when other signals tell us we have reached a point of satiety. The signals cause the hormone, ghrelin, to be released by the stomach. Our “hunger hormone” increases one’s appetite. When we have eaten enough, the hormone called leptin is released by fat cells, telling us we our full so we stop eating. The different levels of these two hormones are how our hunger and satiety cycle should be controlled. Unfortunately, people who eat emotionally override these hormones and instead eat because they are sad, lonely, empty, angry, or anxious. In such cases, eating has become a tool to help…
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What Is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Mental Wellness, Stress Management
EFT or Tapping to Stop Emotional Eating [caption id="attachment_14035" align="alignright" width="352"] Source:[/caption] Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been referred to as "psychological acupressure". In acupuncture and acupressure, energy channels are recognized throughout your body. These are specifically located superhighways of energy flow, and they can become blocked by environmental toxins, mental stress and anxiety, poor diet and a number of other causes. Acupressure and acupuncture work to clear up any blockages in these energy meridians, so your energy flows freely, and mental and physical health problems are abated. The Emotional Freedom Technique is a practice in the emerging field of energy psychology that recognizes emotional problems can lead to physical symptoms, diseases and illness. EFT is sometimes called tapping, because this treatment uses light tapping motions with your fingers…
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Emotional Eating And Depression

Depression, Diet, Mental Wellness, Mindset, Nutrition
Is Emotional Eating A Sign of Depression? Depression is a normal human emotion, and it is experienced by just about everyone. You feel upset or dejected because of some event or situation, or you are despondent because of something you perceive as negative in your life, possibly caused by your own behaviors. Depression can exist for a number of reasons, and with most people, it is usually short-lived. We find a way to move past our negative feelings, we experience joy and other positive feelings, and the depression cloud is lifted. What happens when you are depressed and go on an unhealthy eating binge? Is that emotional eating episode a sign that you are depressed, or a cause of the depression? Are the two related at all? Is there a…
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Women And Mental Health Issues – Infographic

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Pay Attention To Your Mental Health The below infographic states that each year 1 in 5 women in the United States has a mental health problem such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder, or an eating disorder. You can check out our many other health related infographics HERE Visit these top health related websites for information on a wide variety of health and wellness topics. National Institute of Health MedicineNet WEBMD Make sure to check out our health, fitness and personal development related free learning guides and quality digital products.
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What About Your Emotional Wellness – Infographic

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Toxic Versus Healthy Emotions The below infographic displays information about your emotional wellness including a list of toxic self-defeating emotions and another showing healthy empowering emotions. Click Here for more Health, Fitness and Personal Development Infographics Visit these top personal development related websites for information on a wide variety of topics. Personal development of Get refreshing ideas to end negativity, get things done fast, and achieve bigger goals. Tools to identify and transform the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. Make sure to check out our health, fitness and personal development related free learning guides and quality digital products.
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Serious Consequences Of Obesity

Diabetes, Diet, Heart Health, Mental Wellness
The Most Horrific Consequences Of Obesity Obesity is a serious condition with many negative effects in the whole body. The excess weight puts your organs under more pressure and it may cause them to work less efficiently. Over time, these conditions may significantly affect your quality of life and even cause death. According to the British organization More Life, the negative effects of diabetes can be classified into three categories: Physical Obesity may cause many serious related conditions, including: • Coronary heart disease. It refers to the buildup of plaque - fat and other waste material - in your arteries, which may cause blocking and hardening of the arteries. Over time, it may cause heart failure and arrhythmia. In turn, arrhythmia may be severe enough to cause your heart to…
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How To Cope With Depression

Depression, Mental Wellness
As well as the typical treatments, there are certain tips, which can help you, cope with depressions. • Set your alarm, get up, and get dressed every day, even if you have nowhere to be. There are a lot of days where you won't want to, but it's helpful to give your day purpose when you struggle to find yours. • Familiarize yourself with relaxation techniques to manage your stress. There is meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and more. • Go for a walk every day, even if it's just a short fifteen-minute walk around the block. • Exercise at least four days out of the week. Aim for 30-minute workouts, but don't worry if you have to start out with shorter stints and work up to that. • Start practicing…
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