Joy vs Happiness

Emotions, Health, Mindset, Positivity
When individuals hear the word joy, the image of wide and bright smiles may initially come to mind. On the surface, happiness and joy may seem synonymous. Although closely related, there is a stark difference between the two, specifically it is the attitude of choice. Joy vs. Happiness One noteworthy essay describes happiness as "depending on external factors to exists." Therefore, individuals may get into the routine of saying, "When this happens, I'll be happy." This if-then mentality sends us into a never-ending cycle of waiting on happiness to fill a potential void. Joy, on the other hand, is more spiritual in nature. In fact, many religious denominations place joy as a sacred or holy emotion. Something that is seen as a blessing or rewarding occurrence. However, universally, joy is…
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Guilt And Your Health

Emotions, Health, Mindset
Guilt can be likened to an immense elephant sitting proudly on your chest. It's ever present and without a doubt heavy. The implicating effects of this can be gut-wrenching; even contributing to poor health. Although the notion that guilt specifically causes common illnesses has not been proven, researchers can agree that stress plays a major role in how our body wards off disease. Feeling guilty from a decision, past mistakes, or even indulgence can send our mind into a whirlwind of anxiety. In fact, one of the primary signs of a guilty conscious is paranoia. Shakespeare once quoted, "Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind." This leads us to the valuable conclusion that it is a part of our internal moral code. How Does Guilt Impact Us? Although it is an…
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Sadness Is An Inevitable Emotion

Emotions, Health, Mental Wellness, Positivity
Sadness is associated with loss, disappointment, grief and helplessness. Yet, it’s an inevitable emotion. It’s a normal part of life. Fact is that we are the sum of our choices. Yet some choices become more prominent than others. They linger on and fester, creating an imbalance in your emotional state. Your emotions come in a complete range, as described by the American psychologist Paul Ekman who believed that there were six basic emotions - anger, happiness, surprise, disgust, fear and sadness - which rise up whenever you encounter certain situations, which can be either positive or negative. Emotions are intoxicating. They can take you over and dictate your outlook on life. When you’re happy, you feel invincible. Everything seems easy and clear. You feel like you can accomplish anything you…
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Shame Is A Deep Emotion

Emotions, Health
Shame is a tricky emotion that is filled with complexities. Many may confuse this emotion with embarrassment as the effects are quite similar. Although embarrassment may be a result, shame is a much deeper emotion that can lead to serious self-esteem issues. One counselor describes shame as "an inner experience of being 'not wanted.' When comparing the difference between guilt and shame, he explains, "guilt is believing that one has done something bad; shame is believing that one is bad." The difference is stark and can prove to be self-destructive if not handled correctly. Where Does Shame Stem From? It is a deeply ingrained emotion can begin as early as infancy. If a child is constantly neglected, she may begin to doubt her self-worth. Questions like, "why doesn't my mother/father…
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Empathy Is Important

Emotions, Health, Relationships
Empathy Is Important For Emotional and Social Wellness When you consider what it means to offer empathy, a whole host of actions and feelings probably come to mind. Understanding someone’s suffering or circumstances, feeling sad for another person’s plight, and providing support to those in trouble are all examples. And, to be sure, this type of reaction and relationship with others is needed more so today than ever before. The dictionary tells us that empathy is “the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another.” That definition goes on to include that you can have this connection and understanding even when others have not fully explained their situation to you. In other words, you are tuned into the plights…
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