Goldwheat Diabetic Insulin Cooler Bag

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Goldwheat Diabetic Insulin Cooler Bag
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The Goldwheat Diabetic Insulin Cooler Bag is an excellent carrier for your diabetic equipment. It’s small and convenient and insulated with the highest quality insulation. The package comes with the insulin bag and two ice packs that you’ll want to keep in the refrigerator (10 to 12 hours) until using the bag.

There are designations within the bag on where to keep your insulin pen or bottles and refills to make it convenient to carry so you don’t have to worry about breakage or tears. The Goldwheat Diabetic Insulin Cooler Bag is small and intimate so you can travel easily with it.

It’s also FDA approved to be non-toxic. This cooler bag for diabetics’ equipment is multi-layered with thermal insulation, storage and a buffer layer to better keep temperatures safe.

There are also special pockets for needles, insulin pens, strings and one for your ice packs to safely keep your equipment for 4 to 7 hours. Having your diabetes equipment available at all times is vitally important for you to properly manage the condition.

Short term occurrences such as high or low blood sugar may occur at any time, but as you understand how to manage your own condition, you’ll be better able to predict when testing is necessary.

When using the equipment in your Goldwheat Diabetic Insulin Cooler Bag you should understand the readings. For example, you need to know that hypoglycemia (low blood glucose levels) occurs when the blood glucose reads 4mmol/L or lower.

You can keep a hypoglycemia chart in your bag to refer to when needed. Hyperglycemia occurs when you have high blood glucose levels and it’s important that you also carry a hyperglycemia chart within your diabetes equipment bag.

There are certain diabetes health guidelines that are recommended by health professionals and they include working toward target numbers with diet and medications.

For example, diabetes patients are normally advised to keep HbA1c levels below 6.5%, but you can also individualize your level by considering your activities throughout the day and monitoring your levels closely so you can see a pattern.

This can prevent diabetes complications that may occur from hypoglycemia. Well-managed cases of diabetes may get by without any complications, but the longer someone has the disease, the more common it is to develop problems.

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Those who don’t manage their diabetes well risk diseases such as Ketoacidosis, Stroke, Alzheimer’s and Glaucoma. Keeping your Goldwheat Diabetic Insulin Cooler Bag with you at all times can help you prevent those dread diseases, plus other complications such as amputation of limbs. Due diligence of your blood glucose level is imperative in your quest to live with diabetes in the safest and most effective way to keep complications at bay.

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