Following The Flexitarian Lifestyle

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Following The Flexitarian LifestyleDid you know the number one reason most diet plans fail? It’s because they are not FLEXIBLE enough to allow you to achieve your core objectives.

Don’t you think this diet model is as flexible as you can get? If you need more convincing, chew on these thoughts.


What is it that is the most expensive luxury we’re afforded? No, not diamonds, but rather time. In fact, if you had the time to prepare award winning meals every day, you would.

And that’s the beauty of the flexitarian lifestyle way of eating. Since many of the food, in fact, most are plant based; you can get away with eating quite a few of them as is – raw, or with minimum effort.

How about blending them into a smoothie? That way, you don’t need to chow down on veggies whole, but can drink your way to better health. In addition, blending them with fruits makes for a tasty booster any time of the day. Throw in a few oats and yogurt for substance, and you’ve got a kickass meal for breakfast to go!


Now look, nobody said your food has to be bland and boring, after all that’s why sweeteners and spices are allowed, in addition to the occasional meat based meal. Surely, you will find enjoyable tastes as you try out various combinations of fruits and vegetables, with lentils and nuts adding variety as well.

Looking for a snack and tired with fruits?

How about drizzling some honey over nuts and giving them a quick roast? Cinnamon is a lovely addition to sweet foods, while the herbs basil, black pepper, onion, and garlic make even your most hated veggies delectable.


The basics are always the best; in this case the bases of the diet. You don’t have to struggle to find exotic ingredients, since you can find many fruits and vegetables the world over, as well as the many spices and other foods, which are considered universal.

The foods are cheap, they can stay eatable for a long time if refrigerated or frozen appropriately, and you do not need fantastic cooking skills either.

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The Flexitarian lifestyle is not one in which you ever have to feel “locked in.” Although, for the most part you will be practicing vegetarian principles, you enjoy the comfort of grabbing that satisfying steak if the urge hits home and you cannot do without it.

The truth is, cravings have nothing to do with you have “weak will power”, but are chemical signals sent by your body saying it wants something, typically in the case of red meat, the body maybe craving fat or iron.

Additionally, the longer you are successfully following the lifestyle, the less frequent and intense these cravings are.

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If nutrition is what provides the energy to your machine, exercise is what ensures the parts are working correctly.

It goes without saying that exercise will add years to your life (or prevent loss of henceforth) and should be included in every single living person’s plan for a healthy life.

The Flexitarian lifestyle way of looking at exercise is to make the world your gym, where every opportunity in life is a chance to get in a workout, without making it seem like a dreary task.

So, walk more, try not to sit for long periods of time, and still schedule time for dedicated exercise at least 3 days weekly. Do not neglect weight training either, as you will never be in optimal health without improving strength.


Overall, the Flexitarian diet is a very convenient way of living filled with exciting dietary choices, the comfort of indulging in that juice sirloin every once in a while, and a means of making exercise a part of your life.

There are not crazy restrictions, as those typically lead to resentment and failure, but rather eating foods that are satisfying and deliver a nutritional wallop.

It should seriously be considered if you plan to be around for years to come!

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