About The Flat Belly Diet

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The Flat Belly Diet: What You Need To Know

The Flat Belly Diet sounds like it is going to be the next big thing. Who doesn’t want their belly to be flat and tight? But, what about this diet gives you a flat belly?

The Basics – The Flat Belly Diet consists of a basic meal structure. In the meal structure, you are supposed to eat at 4 meals of 400 calories 4 times a day. Each meal in the Flat Belly Diet should have a serving of monounsaturated fats.

Don’t go longer than 4 hours between meals on the Flat Belly Diet, and you will avoid processed foods and gassy foods. In the first 4 days, the Flat Belly Diet cuts out carbohydrates and also reduces the calories to 1200 a day. The Flat Belly Diet includes “Sassy Water” and requires 2 liters a day. Sassy water is water with ginger, cucumber, lemon, and mint.

What do these different rules mean for you?

About The Flat Belly Diet

• The basic structure of the meal means that you are only going to be eating 1600 calories every day, which is a recipe for weight loss for the average person (average person assumes that their maintenance caloric intake level is 2000 calories a day.)
• Consuming fat has been shown to increase satiety. The increased satisfaction from the meals can decrease the desire for between meal snacks.
• Cutting carbohydrates in the first 4 days can help regulate insulin levels in the body and help curb hunger response for those on a high carb or sugar diet.
• 2 Liters of water will help you feel full increasing the likelihood that you will stick with the calorie restriction.


Is The Flat Belly Diet Hard To Follow?

This depends entirely on your activity level and your enjoyment of Mediterranean foods. If you enjoy the Mediterranean style of eating, then you are going to love this diet. The only reason you would have a hard time sticking to this diet will be if you are an extremely active person or if you have a job that requires that you are active all day long.

Those who are extremely active and have a maintenance caloric intake of 2600 or higher may find that this diet does not provide them with enough calories to fuel their daily activities. Traditionally having a calorie deficit more than 1000 calories a day is thought to lead to increased hunger and even binge eating. Unless you are under the observation of a nutritionist or physician always strive to maintain under a 1000 calorie deficit.

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Recipes and Shopping Lists

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The thing that makes the Flat Belly Diet stand out is its recipes, snack tips and even tips for ordering fast food. This makes the diet user-friendly especially for those who may have the occasional quick stop meal. If the thought of coming up with your own recipes is daunting, then this diet is going to be easy for you to follow with all of the recipes that are included.

Who Should Try This Diet?

This diet would be good for anyone who is in general good health. Those who have metabolic disorders or conditions like diabetes should only attempt the flat belly diet under the supervision of their doctor.
This is a great heart healthy diet. The cut of saturated fat and increase in monounsaturated fats can improve overall heart health. If you are comfortable with the 1600 calorie a day target, this would be a good diet for those who have heart health concerns. Since you are not supposed to salt anything in this diet, it may also be suited for those on low sodium diets for hypertension.

This is not a low-fat diet. If you have been asked to follow a low-fat diet by a doctor, this is not the diet for you. The emphasis on fat consumption in this diet makes it a poor choice for those seeking low-fat alternatives.

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