Introduction To Yoga

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Out of the many things that India is known for in her contribution to the world, ‘Yoga’ is perhaps one of the most important and popular exports. From the ancient times, the ascetics, the ‘rishis’ and the ‘munis’ of India have been practicing this form of art and science and deriving the benefits of enlightenment that accompany yoga. What is Yoga and why is it important in today’s world? The importance of yoga in today’s world has a lot of definitions floating around; however, if we go back to the roots of the word, we find that the term ‘Yoga’ has its origins in Sanskrit. It means to unite - Yoga helps the body to unite with the other vital metaphysical aspects of the mind and spirit. It is also…
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Weight Loss With Yoga

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In today’s society, obesity is a cause for concern with even children that are overweight. Apart from eating healthy, it is worth looking at the importance of yoga and weight loss. Weight gain is not only about the number of calories taken in. There are other underlying causes in the body that will result to weight gain if they become unbalanced. The use of yoga posture can be very helpful in redressing this balance hence helping the body to burn fat more effectively resulting in healthy weight loss.   Some vital functions of the body that can be improved by yoga and help promote weight loss: The liver The liver is the body’s own detoxifying machine. A healthy liver works effectively to cleanse the blood of bad fat and helps…
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Yoga Tips For Beginners

Starting out in Yoga is like starting a new relationship. It’s exciting, it makes us feel amazing and it can be more than a little bit addictive! Like most new things we learn, the beginning stages of yoga are really important because this is when we lay the foundation and form habits that can really shape the way we practice. Beginning Yoga practitioners are just as likely to feel the joy that comes from Yoga as are their more experienced comrades. But beginners also face a pesky collection of obstacles. For one thing, the vocabulary of Yoga can be difficult. Beginners need empathy. Among the most difficult challenges for beginning, Yoga individuals are creating a home yoga practice. For that, a Yoga practitioner must choose from a growing list of…
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Yoga In Medicine

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We are in crisis. Yoga is here now because we desperately need it in our lives. It isn’t a mistake that Yoga is here now or accidental that more and more people are practicing yoga and more and more people are adding to the stream. Yoga is popping up everywhere and will continue to do so. In schools, hospitals, corporations, churches, the military, in prisons—everywhere. We are moving towards a quantum leap in human consciousness and although Yoga isn’t the only way to become more conscious, it’s one way and a pretty good one. As more people are helped, healed and awakened by the practices, they will bring others onto the path simply because that is what happens—we feel better and we want to share with others the benefits we…
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Yoga To Treat Depression

Depression, Mood Swings, Yoga
Does yoga help with depression? Before answering this question, we need to know what exactly depression is, and how does it impact your life. What Is Depression? Depression is an illness that affects your brain. It is your reaction to something sad, loss of someone, or dejection. When these feelings aggravate and become intense, it leads to a medical condition called clinical depression. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person’s ability to function at work and at home. What Causes Depression?   Depression is more than just a low mood – it's a serious condition that affects your physical and mental health. While we all feel sad,…
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Treat Illness With Yoga

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Yoga can cure almost any disease under the sky. In fact, it would be fair to say that you can stay free from all diseases if you practice Yoga asanas regularly. If you have developed any disease, the natural cure for that ailment might be there in Yoga. After all, Yoga is the collective wisdom of ages and encompasses a system of cure without modern medicines. If you are a person who avoids popping pills for almost everything, then you must try this alternative natural care of Yoga. It doesn’t need you to pay regular visits to your doctors and physicians, nor does it require you to avail any medicinal facilities like injections, medicines etc. You just need a Yoga mat, a silent atmosphere, and a devoted mind to cure…
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Types Of Yoga Meditation

Meditation, Yoga
Meditation is not of a single type or category but it has multiple types. There are a lot of different ways of doing meditation and dozens of techniques are involved in the process. Thus, it becomes very important to know that which technique will work out the best for you. You may also find some misleading information on the Web regarding various types of meditation, so it is important for you to get a detailed knowledge of each category in order to understand which one is beneficial for you. This article will help you navigate the sea of different practices of seated meditation, briefly explaining each of them. There are literally hundreds of types of meditation, so here we shall explore only the most popular ones. General Types of Meditation…
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Yoga And Meditation

Meditation, Mindset, Yoga
Most of you have heard meditation, it’s a popular word for all of us today, but only a few of us truly know what meditation is. “Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.” – Swami Sivananda Meditation has a one common goal – to stop the incessant activity of mind by transforming it. Meditation is the real antidote to our own personal sorrow, the anxiety, fear, hatred, and general confusions that beset the human condition. It gives us a deep rest, and the real meditation is deeper than the deepest sleep that you can ever have. When the mind becomes free from agitation, is calm and serene and at peace, meditation happens. Common Myths about Meditation…
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Yoga Exercises

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There are 100+ Yoga exercises but it is quite difficult to cover all of them here. So, for now, we have covered the ones which are easy and convenient for the beginners to practice. 1. Sukhasna This pose is best-suited for meditation for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Sukhasana comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Sukham’ that means easy, pleasure, comfort, and pleasure. People of all ages can do this asana. How to Do? (i) Sit down normally on the floor. Stretch out your legs ahead in front. (ii) Now cross your legs and broaden your knees, in order that you can slip your both foot under the opposite knee. (iii) After that, you have to bend your knees along with fold your legs. (iv) Keep your feet loose, in order…
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Yoga Sun Salutations

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By now, you must have already known how important Yoga is for your health and fitness. Yoga exercises (asanas) increases your flexibility and improves your strength. Yoga has the zeal to change your energy. If your morning routine starts with dragging yourself out of bed and gulping down a cup of hot coffee, try ten rounds of Surya Namaskar or some pranayama, and notice the energizing effects it has on the nervous system. Conversely, if you need a change later on in the day, just a few minutes of asana practice can re-balance the nervous system, calm the mind and give you a different perspective. So, the bottom line is that Yoga makes you feel better. It makes you feel different, more open, present and happier by reducing the levels…
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