Natural Relaxation Methods

Meditation, Natural Healing, Stress Management, Yoga
Natural Relaxation Methods To Curb Stress That Leads To Emotional Eating Emotional eating is a dysfunctional form of using food to cope with stress, and various difficult feelings, such as boredom, pain, anger, and loneliness. If emotional eating is something you struggle with you might not be surprised to hear that food is not a solution and can eating behind your emotions can lead to serious medical and mental health problems such as obesity, overweight and depression. If you are overweight or obese, it is time to take a hard and long look at your eating patterns and to see how food temporarily helps you to avoid negative feelings and emotions, but does not really solve the root of the problem. That ice cream may feel really good going down…
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Yoga For Relief From Aches And Pains – Video

Pain relief, Stress Management, Video, Yoga
This video demonstrates how Yoga can be used to relive stress related conditions and day to day aches and pains. [KGVID width="640" height="480"][/KGVID] Click Here for more Health, Fitness and Personal Development Videos Make sure to check out our health, fitness and personal development related free learning guides and quality digital products.
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Yoga and Meditation

Holistic Medicine, Meditation, Natural Healing, Yoga
Holistic medicine is a practice of medicine that advocates not only established Western approaches to medicine which includes diagnosis and treatment using surgery or pharmacology; but also includes Easter medicine approaches to wellbeing which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation. Yoga is a practice from India which promotes the health and wellbeing of the body by engaging in exercises that involve poses. The regular practice of yoga builds endurance, agility and flexibility of the muscles. It is usually practiced in conjunction with meditation. How It Works In both yoga and meditation, the emphasis is on deep and controlled breathing. The deep and controlled breathing helps the body achieve strength, balance and agility in order to do all the yoga poses. At the same time the deep and controlled…
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What Is Face Yoga?

Health, Womens Health, Yoga
Most everyone that you speak with wants younger looking skin, and it's mainly with women. Who doesn't want to look like they are still in their twenties when they are really in their forties, right? Keep in mind that if you take proper care of your skin, you will not have to worry about aging horribly while still in your forties, which isn't that old to even begin with, but there are so many people that think as soon as they turn thirty, their life is over. In reality, when a person hits thirty, their life is only beginning! There are quite a lot of people that do not even know what facial Yoga is, which is absolutely normal because it's something that's not talked about much, but it does…
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Basic Yoga Poses – Video

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This video demonstrates 15 basic yoga poses including the Childs Pose, Chaturunga, Hamstring Stretches, High Planks, Cat Cow Pose, High Lunges, Downward Dog, Beginners Flow, Flow, Cobra Upward facing Dog, Low Lunges and Low Runners. [KGVID width="640" height="480"][/KGVID] Click Here for more Health, Fitness and Personal Development Videos Make sure to check out our health, fitness and personal development related free learning guides and quality digital products.
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Home Remedies For Treating Back Pain

Back Pain, Health, Natural Healing, Yoga
Back pain is a common condition that affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. It can be caused by injury, muscle strain, fatigue or improper posture. It can also be a result of conditions such as scoliosis, degenerative diseases such as arthritis, or neuropathy. Back pain can also occur from simply working too hard or sitting too long in a chair at the office. When back pain is severe or immobilizing and debilitating, it is important to seek medical care. But, when it is mild, or to complement a doctor’s care there are many home remedies that go nicely with any medically prescribed treatment. Take caution here as painkillers are often prescribed for back pain, while your doctor’s advice is crucial, any prolonged taking of prescription opiates, such as, Vicodin,…
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Treat Depression With Natural Healing Methods

Holistic Medicine, Mental Wellness, Natural Healing, Yoga
Dealing with the blues does not mean you have to keep on popping those orange pills. Studies show that one of the major deterrents to treating depression is the fear of patients to be addicted to anti-depressants. While conventional anti-depression drugs provide an effective way of treating depression, it is by no means the single cure to this medical illness. There are a host of natural healing methods that are considered safe and effective in improving mood and altering brain chemistry to take your blues away. Exercise to boost your mood Exercising literally pumps you up because it releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins that interacts with your brain receptors and diminish the perception of pain. Much like morphine, endorphins suppress pain by triggering a feeling of happiness and a positive…
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Natural Treatments for Chronic Stress

Meditation, Natural Healing, Stress Management, Yoga
Stress is an everyday word that you can encounter too often in this busy, fast-moving world. While a week’s worth of stress may easily be relieved after a Friday night with friends, stress over long periods of time can result into a wide array of conditions, encompassing physical, mental, and behavioral aspects. Stress is the body’s response to the pressure perceived from our surroundings. While a daily, little dose of stress might be normal, exposure to excessive stress for a prolonged period can lead to more serious diseases and behavioral disorders. Chronic stress is in fact one of the known culprits for developing anxiety, depression, asthma, heart attack, diabetes, and even premature death. Conventional Versus Alternative Treatment Conventional medicine had often focused on treating the mind and the body separately.…
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Pilates or Yoga?

Fitness, Yoga
Thousands of beginners ask themselves this question when they decide to take their health and fitness seriously. It’s tough to make a decision because many commercial gyms offer both, Pilates and yoga classes. Oftentimes, these classes are very popular. So which is better? FOR YOU. That’s what really matters. Comparing the two is akin to comparing karate and kung fu… neither is better and there are people who are experts at each art… and there are those who are beginners at each. There is no right or wrong answer here because both yoga and Pilates have their own unique benefits. You can even do both on alternate training sessions and get the best of both worlds. They’re not mutually exclusive. To the layman, both seem very similar and there is…
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Exercises for PCOS Sufferers

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Once you have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), it can be a very stressful time. It is also important to practice good self-care. Part of good self-care is to watch your weight. If you struggle to lose weight, exercise can help you stay trim. If you are overweight or obese, exercise can help you burn more calories and help you slim down when used in conjunction with a sensible low-calorie, low-fat diet. Other Benefits of Exercise In addition to the obvious one of weight loss, exercise can improve the quality of your sleep, which is often diminished in women with PCOS. Obesity has also been linked with sleep issues - in particular sleep apnea, which prevents people from getting a restful night’s sleep because they keep struggling to…
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