About The Engine 2 Diet

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The Engine 2 Diet: What You Need To Know

About The Engine 2 DietThe Engine 2 diet is a plant-based diet designed to cater towards a male audience. This diet will easily guide you from a standard American diet to a vegan diet through either a seven-day protocol or a 28-day protocol. These two protocols are known as either a firefighter or a fire cadet protocol.

How Does Engine2 Differ From The Standard American Diet?

You may be wondering if there really isn’t much of a difference between these two diets. The diets vary in the following ways:

• The Engine 2 Diet is a completely vegan diet designed to eliminate all processed foods, dairy, plant oils and animal products from your daily consumption.
• The Standard American Diet features heavily processed foods, and large amounts of meat and dairy, plant oils and saturated fats are allowed.

Ease of Use

The main question that many people ask before embarking on a new diet is how easy is the diet to maintain in their everyday life. While plant-based diets require little prep time and cook time, you may find that it does take a wild to adjust to the different availability of food.

The real question that you should be asking is whether or not this diet will fit your current lifestyle. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle what adjustments will you need to make to be able to follow this diet protocol?

Here are three main elements that will affect your ability to follow the Engine 2 Diet.

1. You eat out on a regular basis at various types of restaurants.
2. You have specific dietary needs that would be counterintuitive to following this diet.
3. You dislike cooking.

Dining Out

If part of your job features taking clients to restaurants to entertain them. Alternatively, your lifestyle simply demands that you eat out frequently because of your travel schedule or time constrictions. This type of diet may not work for you. Eating out typically offers little vegan options, and most restaurants use oils to cook. These facts alone would eliminate this diet for many people. However, if you’re truly determined with enough meal prep you could do this with a highly demanding travel schedule.

Specific Dietary Needs

If you are anemic, if you have a metabolic problem, are extremely athletic, or are under a lot of stress, this diet may not provide enough protein for you. One of the many things that people find when they switch to a plant-based diet is that they have a difficult time consuming the right types of food to meet their protein requirements. If you have a high protein requirement or you need extra iron, or other essential amino is the only meat provides then this diet may lack essential nutrients that you need.

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Dislike Cooking

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If you dislike making your own food, you will not follow this diet. This diet requires that you make your own food because you cannot use processed foods are oils. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll suddenly enjoy every moment of cooking. That simply won’t happen. Skip this program and find something else that will work for you.

Who Will This Work For?

Those who are looking to reduce fat and increase micronutrient intakes will benefit from this diet. Also, people who enjoy cooking and have a little more time to spend focusing on their nutrition will enjoy the Engine 2 Diet. The diet does come with a list of preapproved foods and shopping lists to make getting started easier. After you’ve purchased the book, there is no cost or obligation making it a fairly cheap diet protocol.

While you may notice and increase in the cost of produce that you purchase you will definitely notice a decrease in your overall grocery bill because you are no longer purchasing butchered meat, dairy or other processed foods. This diet should not be any more expensive than a traditional diet.

If you have thought about is going to a plant-based or vegan diet before the Engine 2 Diet is going to be exactly what you are looking for.
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