Energy Boosting Essential Oil Blends

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Energy Boosting Essential Oil BlendsMixing essential oils allows you to enjoy the benefits of several at one time. You can use these energy boosting essential oil blends in your diffuser or inhale then directly.

Tips for Mixing Essential Oils

• Mix the oils of your choice in dark, glass bottles with eyedropper caps.
• Add just a few drops of any essential oil at a time.
• Roll the bottle between your hands. This will warm the oils slightly and help them mix properly.
• Experimentation may be necessary to find the blend that works best for you.
• Write down the exact recipe you used for each blend, so you will know what you want to keep (or change) the next time you make a blend.

Here are our favorite, energy boosting essential oil blends.

1. The “Get Going” Blend
This blend works well when you have something to accomplish and need the motivation and energy to just do it. This blend adds a clean, crisp scent to the air, and is a good one to diffuse early in the morning, too, to get the family moving.
2 parts grapefruit essential oi
1 part peppermint essential oil
1 part lime essential oil

2. Motivating Blend

When you are trying to meet a deadline or find the motivation for your daily workout, this is a good choice when it comes to energy boosting essential oil blends.

3 parts frankincense essential oil
2 parts lime essential oil
2 parts black pepper essential oil

3. Fresh Air Blend

This blend will leave you rejuvenated and awake, just like a dose of fresh, mountain air.

2 parts pine essential oil
2 parts lavender essential oil
1 part basil essential oil

4. Fatigue Busting Blend

When you are just having trouble getting moving, can’t find the energy to get started, this is a great blend. You will feel energized and motivated in no time.

Equal parts eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary essential oil, and lemongrass essential oil

5. Positive Energy Blend

When the negativity of life has you down, try this amazing blend. You can create a fabric refreshing spray by adding 15 drops to five ounces of water. You can also add this blend to bath water for an invigorating soak.

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2 parts rosemary essential oil
2 parts lemon essential oil
1 part grapefruit essential oil
1 part peppermint essential oil

6. Wellness Blend

Prepare for your day with this healthy, energy-boosting blend. Add a few drops to your washcloth in the shower each morning, rubbing your body with it. Or, use it in a diffuser to promote health and wellness throughout your day.

2 parts lavender essential oil
4 parts bergamot essential oil
3 parts basil essential oil
5 parts grapefruit essential oil

7. Calm Blend

When you need to release tension, let go of anxiety, and just relax, this is the blend for you. You can add this blend to four ounces of an oil of your choice to make a relaxing massage oil, or add several drops to your bath water, then soak for at last 30 minutes. Use in a diffuser or inhale directly when you need a calming reminder to help you let go of tension.

2 parts chamomile essential oil
6 parts cedarwood essential oil
3 parts geranium essential oil
4 parts lavender essential oil

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