Signs Of High Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional IntelligenceThere are different aspects of intelligence, including emotional intelligence. You can’t exactly measure how much you know about emotions in the same way that you can measure how much you know about history or science or math, but there are a couple of key signs that you have a high emotional intelligence. This article will discuss five of those signs and will also lay out ways in which you can strengthen your own emotional intelligence.

1. Having High Emotional Literacy
One way in which you might be emotionally intelligent without knowing it is by knowing the lingo. Also called emotional literacy, the ability to verbally express emotions is largely under-rated. Words like “happy,” “mad,” or “sad” are good enough sometimes but sometimes a more exact word like “fulfilled,” “provoked,” or “isolated” will be better at getting your point across.

Knowing how to verbally express your emotions might seem more academic than practical, but this is not the case. Adequately expressing our emotions to those around us can help us to create a healthier and more productive atmosphere by encouraging those around us to promote emotional health.

2. Being Willing And Able To Communicate Emotions
Emotional intelligence isn’t all about knowing the right words, it’s also about knowing when to use them. Many of us tend to try to ignore certain emotions, or don’t take the time the really appreciate the emotions that they are feeling.

Allowing yourself to process your emotions in a more meaningful way will help you to understand the ways that certain things make you and others feel, including the sometimes-obscure links between activities and the emotions that they invoke.

3. Empathy
Emotional intelligence also extends beyond your own emotions. Being able to understand and interpret the emotions of other people, often called “empathy,” is a skill that is difficult to master but that can help you help those around you by allowing you to foster a more emotionally healthy environment or more adequately care for people around you who may need support.

The best way to develop empathy is by encouraging other people to express their emotional wellbeing. By being there for people who need you, you can help others to overcome difficult times in their lives while learning more about humans in general and how to help others and yourself through times of future difficulty. Some studies have also found that reading novels can increase empathy because they allow you to see events through another perspective, even if the event and characters are fictional.

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4. Knowing How Emotions Mix And Build
Understanding individual emotions is important but being able to understand how emotions can build and act on each other and lead from one to another is also important.

Understanding how emotions can develop from one to another is important for predicting how people may feel in certain situations, but it can also be important for actively moving yourself or others through healthy and positive emotional progressions.

This skill can be learned the old-fashioned way by reading psychology books and resources, or by monitoring the way that emotions change in ourselves and others in our actual experiences.

5. Using Emotions Practically
Similarly, emotional intelligence can be a mechanical skill that dictates how to use which emotion in a given situation. This can be done in order to keep people’s emotional health up while doing difficult tasks, or it can even be manipulated so that people work against unpleasant emotions in order to push themselves to achieve great feats.

This is a difficult and sensitive area of emotional intelligence and is best developed through observation of those who have already honed it, or by experience – beginning in situations with little risk. It can often be developed by using it on yourself by imposing reward or punishment systems on your own activities.

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