Emotional Health for Women Over 40

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Emotional Health for Women Over 40Emotional health is important for your wellbeing, and ultimately the quality of the life we lead. Different people have different issues at different times of their lives. Just like different people feel joy and happiness for different reasons, at different times.

People, especially males, tend to misunderstand women and to think that their happiness revolves around them being attractive, secure, well cared for. While these things can bring happiness to some women, there is a more important notion every man and woman must consider and realize if they are to better understand women, and that is – being a person.

I say men and women, because there are even women who do not understand this basic and underlying drive that exists in every one. But, why is it that the lack of independence and personal experience has such an exaggerate effect on women today?

Psychology Today states that the biggest problem women tend to have when they reach their 40’s is regret. The regret for things they perhaps wanted to do or thought about doing some day, and they now feel it’s too late. And, of course regrets for perhaps some things they actually did, or some decisions they made.

Women tend to have this constant relationship with the past, sometimes so obsessive and distorted that it can lead to serious problems, like the lack of self-esteem, depression, and even insanity.

What women and men who think this way about their past fail to realize is that their life’s choices, their past mistakes, or missed out opportunities were not their own. The opportunities, choices, and mistakes were all a combination of chance, circumstances, their own upbringing, education, emotional and mental state, and influences from the surroundings.

Therefore, from this we can extract that every choice we make, either to act or not to act, is as much a product of our environment as it is of ourselves. People sometimes even realize the effect their environment had on their decision making process and as a result feel anger when they make a choice they later regret.

While it is a good thing to be aware of the effect our environment has on us, it is not good to feel anger or to put blame on neither the environment nor ourselves.

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And, here is where the question of age turns up. When we are young, we are more vibrant, more willing to act, to spring into action, but we are also less aware of ourselves and the effect our environment has on us, and subsequently more susceptible to it.

And here lies key advice for emotional health:

  • Enjoy your increased awareness
  • Better understand yourself
  • Enjoy your own company
  • Seek relationships that fulfill you and bring you joy
  • Love yourself and appreciate all your gifts

When we are young, we are estranged from ourselves. We mostly understand our own senses and our own basic needs, like hunger, or the desire to have fun. But, as we grow older, we get to know our true nature and even make it as we meet it.

Without truly delving into who you are, and understanding what makes you tick, so to speak, you will not truly find emotional harmony, as you will miss opportunities to make necessary changes that improve your life, and emotional wellbeing.

Therefore, by the time we reach the 40s, we should have a thorough communication and a well established relationship with our own center, the center of our being. This is the main and only condition to really learn how to love, how to be happy, and subsequently – be emotionally healthy.

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