Emotional Accountability 101

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Emotional AccountabilityWhen you have emotional accountability, you are able to take responsibility for your actions, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. You own your existence and can accept the role you play in both the positive as well as the negative events in your life. Emotional accountability also means you recognize others are responsible for their own lives, and you cannot solve their suffering.

Emotional accountability is where your thoughts, actions, and emotions converge. When you have emotional accountability, it becomes your obligation or duty to take responsibility for the choices you have made and the consequences of those choices. This responsibility is vital to developing integrity and being autonomous in your own life.

Let’s take a look at how having emotional accountability can help you live a happier, healthier life, along with ways you can work toward being more accountable for yourself.

Taking Responsibility Unleashes Choices

When you are responsible for yourself and your emotions, you find you have many more choices in life. Personal responsibility means you can think, decide, and act upon what you want in life, and you accept that you alone are responsible for your happiness. When you decide to become accountable for your own emotions, your range of choices increases, as you are no longer reliant on others to create your happiness.

Only You Are Responsible For How You Feel

When you recognize that you are in control of your emotions, you can not only accept what is happening in your life more easily, but you also gain autonomy to change your circumstances or at least your reaction to those circumstances. Displacing blame for your emotions on others will not help you heal, does not offer you any path to improvement, and will only ensure that you keep feeling the same way in the future.

You Are Not Responsible For Others Emotions

When you try to take responsibility for how others are feeling, you are setting yourself and the other person up for failure. Stop looking for how you can help others feel better, and instead focus on offering support, love, and friendship, which is all you are truly capable of offering.

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You Can Express Your Emotions Without Losing Accountability

It is not necessary to complain or blame others for your emotions in order to express how you feel. Rather than telling someone how their actions have made you angry, you can instead accept that your emotions are yours alone, they are not others responsibility. This shift can help you talk more effectively and helpfully about your emotions, others impact on you, and what you need in your life to help you be happier.

It is possible to tell others how their actions affect you without expecting them to take over the responsibility for how you feel or by giving up the autonomy you have for your own well-being. This focus on accountability allows you to acknowledge and accept the choices you have made, your actions, and how others actions are affecting your ability to live peacefully.

People Learn to Trust the Promises You Make

Emotional accountability means you respect yourself and are honest with yourself, allowing you to be more likely to keep your promises to others, as you expect them to keep their promises to you. When you take responsibility for all your actions, you begin to see how your actions impact others, which lead you to become more trustworthy and dependable.

Final Thoughts

Developing emotional accountability is one way you can improve your personal development, with the added benefit that, taking responsibility for yourself means you can have healthier relationships with others. Start today by accepting your own role in your happiness or problems and consider the choices you are making in life that are making you happy, or not.

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