Create Long Term Goals

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Long Term Goals

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Long-Term Goals

Now, moving onto the next part of your daily foundation, your daily success ritual here, and that is reviewing your long-term goals.

Obviously, you need to have long-term goals to be able to review them, and so that’s the part of this program where you’ve just got to step up.

If you don’t have these, you have to create them. Knowing what your long-term goals are, it might be from a business perspective, it might be from a health and fitness perspective, relationships, financial, I’m not sure where it is.

It’s up to you to determine what’s the most important thing to you in your life or groups of things that are important to you in your life, and set them as long-term goals.

These give you a general sense of direction for whatever areas of life are important to you.

Let’s say for example right now, you’re currently earning $80,000 a year and you want to double that. Your long-term goal would be to earn $160,000 a year.

You might have no clue how to do that right now, but that’s your long-term goal and it gives you something to dwell on and think about and plan on and scheme for every single day.

It’s like your North Star. It’s something that guides you and leads you into the future, and ideally inspires you to keep going every day, because that’s an exciting possibility for the future.

If you don’t set that as a long-term goal, how the heck do you know what to do today?

That’s the important part of this, is your long-terms goals should be far beyond your current capacity and they should really be about achieving your full potential.

What are you capable of, if you really push yourself? If you really ask yourself, “What am I capable of? What can I do that’s far beyond my current capacities? What excites me?”

The alternate question to that is what don’t I like about my life right now that I want to fix? If I’m not happy with my financial situation, I can complain about it or I can decide and make a long-term goal to triple the amount of money that I have and get excited about life again.

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Then your daily success ritual becomes a lot more exciting, because now every single day you’re thinking about how can I triple the amount of money coming in. That’s much more exciting than just living your life day to day, just going through the motions.

So documenting whatever your long-term goals are every single day and why those are your long-term goals.

This is very, very important. If you’ve never done this before, if you don’t have a few long-term goals right now pulling you in the direction of your future, you need to create them and you need to do it right now as you go through day 1, part 1 of this program.

Your first iteration through your success journal, you should be establishing your long-term goals and then revisiting them every single day.

So here’s your to-do. We’ve already talked about a number of to-dos in your success journal. This is the second-to-last piece.

In your success journal, write each long-term goal down. You can simply write it down as G-O-A-L, put an underline and a colon, and then get to writing.

What is your goal? If it’s a certain annual income, write it. If it’s a certain bodyweight or type of body composition, write that down. Maybe it’s a certain skill that you’re trying to develop. I don’t know what it is for you. Write down that long-term goal, that stretch goal that’s far beyond your current capacity.

And then document why you must achieve it. Think about all the reasons, and not just because you want to buy more stuff, if it’s money. What else does that mean to you?

What have you proven to yourself when you’ve taken your income from $80,000 to $160,000? You’ve obviously taught yourself a few lessons about what you’re capable of achieving, right?

So these are the reasons why, and you want to document the reasons why you have these long-term goals. Remind yourself where you’re going and remind yourself why you’re going in that direction.

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