Clean Eating Schedule

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A typical Clean Eating Schedule might look something like this…

Clean Eating Schedule• Breakfast- An omelet made from one whole egg, two egg whites, and chopped vegetables including spinach, tomatoes, and onions. Use fresh herbs or salt-free seasoning to taste. Enjoy with one slick of whole-grain toast.

• Snack- One-half of a sprouted-grain English muffin topped with one tablespoon natural almond butter and one-half of a banana, sliced.

• Lunch- Salad greens topped with chickpeas, one-half of a small avocado sliced, and chopped fresh vegetables. Drizzle with homemade vinaigrette and enjoy with one-quarter cup of cottage cheese and one-quarter cup of diced fresh pineapple.

• Snack- Two cups of air-popped popcorn

• Dinner- Five ounces of grilled salmon with one-half cup wild rice, and roasted Brussels sprouts.

• Snack- One orange, sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon

Rules Of Whole Food Shopping while on a Clean Eating Schedule

• No refined grains
• White flour and foods made with them
• White starches, like pasta, rice or breads
• No refined sugars
• Table sugar
• Sweets, like cakes cookies, ice cream, soda etc.
• Nothing that comes in a bag, box, bottle or package that has more than 5 ingre-dients, preferably less than 4, and none of those should be trans fats or a lot of sugar
• Stick to the outer periphery of the supermarket, this is where whole fresh food is kept
• Nothing deep fried foods
• No fast food junk

6 Strategies To Deal With Junk Food Cravings while on a Clean Eating Schedule

When you switch to a clean eating schedule, you may find, especially in the beginning, that you still crave some of your old, highly-processed favorites. Your brain’s dependence on sugar and salt can be quite high, especially if your previous diet contained a lot of processed foods. Here are some tips for dealing with those junk food cravings.

Don’t Wait Until You Are Starving
This is key, as when you are famished you are much more likely to make bad food choices. Extreme hunger can lead to cravings. If you notice you are starting to feel hungry, it’s better to eat a small snack than wait until you are extremely hungry. This will also help you maintain a more consistent blood glucose level, which keeps cravings at bay, too.

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Drink More Water
We often confuse hunger for thirst. When you find you are really longing for something to eat, drink a glass of water first. Wait a bit. In many cases, your craving will disappear.

Eat Some Protein
Hunger and cravings can sometimes we a cue that you are not getting the protein you need. Remember to balance every meal and snack, including small amounts of protein at each one. Protein helps you feel fuller and more satisfied, so nibble on a high-protein snack if you are hankering for junk food and include protein with each meal and snack to reduce the urge to snack altogether.

Get Up and Move
If you are craving a snack, try to take your mind off it by taking a walk or doing something different for a bit. Switching your activity will often get your mind off its focus on food.

Have a Plan
Having a plan for your Clean Eating Schedule is very helpful for dealing with cravings. It means you’ll have snacks stocked and ready to go when the craving strikes, making you less likely to reach for a convenience food instead.

Make Sure You Are Sleeping
Fatigue and tiredness are significant contributors to cravings. When you don’t sleep well, your hormones can become imbalanced, which can lead to cravings.

Not sleeping also impacts your eating patterns, which can lead to hunger and cravings, as well. Getting sufficient sleep is essential for all body functions, including hunger and digestion.

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