Characteristics Of Greatness

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Characteristics Of Greatness

Many people look for greatness in their life or career. However, often they don’t know how to achieve this. People who have done great things often share common characteristics. Here is a list of 7 things that you need to adopt and include your life to achieve greatness.

Forget Inspiration

Many people think you must be inspired in order to accomplish great things. However, people who truly achieved greatness know that this is untrue.

If you only do your work when you’re inspired, you’ll never get anything done. Great writers right even when they’re uninspired. Inventors innovate without a muse. If you want to be great, don’t wait until you are inspired to start work.


One of the reasons that people achieve greatness is their sense of self and their authenticity. They don’t compromise on things that are a reflection of their true self and ability.

If you want to achieve greatness in your line of work be authentic towards your goals and your vision. The most important characteristics of authenticity include trustworthiness, reliability, and being genuine towards others.

Hate To Lose More Than You Desire To Win

Great people hate to lose more than they desire to win. This usually shows up in actions that lead them to greatness. The desire not to lose makes people do more than they would if they just wanted to win. If you want to achieve greatness, make sure that you hate losing more than you want to win.

Knowing Purpose

Knowing your purpose can be a powerful motivator for achieving your goals. Even when the odds seem impossibly stacked against, knowing your purpose can help you achieve anything. Power – Living used Nelson Mandela as an example to show how a sense of purpose can help you achieve even the most impossible of tasks.

Spend Time With Great People

Forbes magazine notes that people who want to achieve greatness only associate with other great people. When choosing your social circle you should always be looking up. Look at the next step that you want to achieve and find those people to make friends with. Lowering that level of greatness you want to achieve will only lead you to believe that level of achievement is an acceptable option.

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Make Powerful Decisions

People who achieve greatness only do so through powerful decision-making. Business Know-how defines decision making as: cutting off all other possibilities. When you make a firm decision to achieve your goals, you’re destined to achieve greatness. Cut off every other possibility by saying that anything but greatness is never going to be acceptable.

Get A Mentor

All people who want to achieve greatness get themselves a mentor. Mentors can help guide you through hurdles and give you advice when you’re unsure what to do. If you want to really achieve your goal, find yourself a mentor who’s already done it.

Not only can mentors guide you through your current hurdles, they can help you avoid them altogether. Having a mentor who’s already achieved the goals that you’re looking to achieve, can help you identify the truly important aspects of your journey. If you can’t find a mentor resources like LinkedIn can get you networked with the right kinds of people.

When looking to achieve greatness it can be difficult to know what to do. Many people fail because they can’t make decisions or refuse to set their intentions. As long as you follow the seven steps to achieving greatness, you are never going to fail.

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