Benefits Of Weight Loss

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Benefits Of Weight LossIf you went to the doctor and your doctor sat you down to tell you that you were at serious risk of heart failure, would it be enough for you to make a change? Of course, you would who wouldn’t? Sadly, the truth is that 1 in 5 Americans are at risk of having a heart attack and they are doing nothing about it.

There are serious benefits to building fitness and losing weight. If you push yourself enough, you may even pick up some muscle tone. There are plenty of benefits to losing weight, beside good looks, here are six of the best:

Better Tasting Food

That’s right, as much as you think you love your junk food and takeaways, trading that fried chicken for brown rice and cauliflower is an excellent way to enjoy your food more. One of the reasons is that extra weight has an influence on your body’s hormone levels, this has an effect on how taste receptors signal information to the brain. A study from Stanford University found that men who were overweight didn’t have as sensitive taste buds, because they were dull from overuse.

Your Knees Will Thank You

Extra bodyweight is worse for you than wearing the wrong running shoes, or even poor form when doing your squats. Additionally, weight is the fast track to pain, due to joint inflammation. Dropping one pound will relieve four pounds of pressure from the knees. This change is enough to reduce pain, fight arthritis, and improve function in joints.

Strengthening Your Heart

High levels of cholesterol cause plaques to build within your arteries, which steeply increases your risk of heart attack. A modest weight loss is sufficient to life you from the danger one. Women who are obese or overweight and lose weight over a period of two years reduce their cholesterol scores incredibly. Just a 10% drop in body weight is enough to reduce cholesterol.

Improve Your Mood

According to studies from the University of Pennsylvania, shedding 5% of body weight will improve sleep and moods in as little as just six months. A good night’s sleep will reduce frustration and mood swings. Additionally, efficient sleep helps to regulate appetite, which may even help you in your weight loss goals. It’s a win all around.

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Improve Your Sleep

It’s mentioned above, but it’s important enough to have its own section. Do you snore? Because, the reason for this is narrow airways that obstructs your breathing. People who are more likely to snore are overweight, because there is more soft tissue around the neck area. Losing out on sleep increases your risk of memory issues, heart disease, sexual problems, low immune system, and high blood pressure. Losing weight will reduce that fatty tissue and maintaining it will improve your sleep cycles. It also reduces the risk of sleep apnoea, which can result in death. Losing 10% of your body weight will reduce the risk of sleep apnoea by around 26%.

Improved Cognitive Function

To lose weight you need a healthy and balanced diet, which means one high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All of these components feed your brain, improving your memory, brain function. When you eat a healthy diet, you will find yourself feeling sharper, thinking clearly, and able to easily make decisions that used to give you pause for thought.

There are plenty of reasons to get your weight under control, and it’s never too late, no matter what your age. You can start feeling better, thinking faster, being happier, moving easier, enjoying your food more, and you’ll look good while doing it.

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