Benefits of Spirulina

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The benefits of Spirulina

Benefits of SpirulinaMost people can enjoy the benefits of Spirulina, but there are some people who will benefit more than others. These are:

 Children who don’t eat enough vegetables or sufficient balanced food intakes.
 Teenagers in rapid growth spurts who need a burst of nutrients – spirulina is highly suitable for this.
 Pregnant woman requiring the extra nutrients.
 Seniors who are unable to eat correctly and who have difficulty managing to get in three sufficient meals a day.
 Athletes and sports lovers who require extra nutrients for the extra energy required.
 Today’s modern people who rush around, not finding the time to eat good nutritional meals.
 Sick patients and other people who require the high nutrients to aid in their recovery.
 Anyone who is a vegetarian and requires extra nutrient sources.

That just about covers everyone, right?!

But there are a few people who should not really take spirulina. These are:

• Those who suffer from hyperparathyroidism.
• People with serious allergies when it comes to seaweed or seafood.
• If you have a high fever.

One of the greatest benefits of Spirulina is that it is a completely natural product and generally will not cause problems to the body, it is still best not to go overboard and take too much. Doing so will be wasting some of the benefits of Spirulina. There are some people who might be allergic and can experience some allergy symptoms when taking spirulina. Look out for these signs:

• A slight fever.
• Some dizziness, which, if it does occur, take less spirulina and if it does not improve, discontinue taking spirulina.
• Stomach-aches.
• Itching, skin rashes, hives, swelling of the face and mouth.

It is imperative that you buy your spirulina from trusted sources. Buying it from suspect sources can cause you to be contaminated by spirulina microcystins. In this instance, you need to get over to your doctor when you feel or see symptoms such as severe stomach pain, dark urine, yellow skin or eyes or ongoing vomiting.

A food and a medicine

We all realize that many diseases and illnesses happen to our bodies when we don’t take in sufficient nutrients. The illnesses that we develop are really the body telling us that something is wrong; there is an insufficiency of something causing an imbalance in the body. If we heed the warning and start replenishing the nutrients, often the symptoms go away. If they don’t, the body’s immune system weakens further and can cause even more problems. Usually, it is at this stage where people will consult their doctor who will prescribe some medication to assist. Spirulina isn’t a medicine but when you use it as part of your nutritional requirements as a supplement to the other food you ingest, you are helping to halt some of the nutritional deficiencies which can cause illness and disease. However, medical research has concluded that spirulina can certainly benefit our bodies. Let’s look at even more excellent benefits of spirulina:

1. First of all, it’s packed with nutrients, as mentioned above

Just one tablespoon of spirulina powder has only 20 calories in it. Apart from that, it consists of:
 4 grams protein
 2 grams carbohydrates
 1 gram fat– Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
 11% of your daily iron dose
 21% of your daily dose of copper
 11% of your daily dose of Vitamin B1
 15% of your daily dose of Vitamin B2
 4% of your daily dose of Vitamin B3
 Smaller amounts of manganese, magnesium, and potassium
 Not forgetting polyphenols and antioxidants included as well

2. Reduces stroke

No one wants to ever have a stroke; that’s how serious it is. It reduces the quality of your life to a huge extent and is even deadly. At one time, there were no real ways of preventing stroke, but today, we know that a good diet can prevent it. Spirulina is known to reverse the damage that a poor diet has wrought on the body; what with all the antioxidants – it combats oxidative stress that damages our DNA and cells. We know this can lead to other horrible diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

3. Energy levels are boosted

Energy is something we all long for; to leap out of bed in the morning, full of life; energy that lasts through the day and doesn’t catch up with us till late. Foods supply energy and spirulina is one such food, producing great sources of energy. When spirulina and lime juice are combined, you really do optimize your energy levels because the duo combination unlocks sugar from your cells.

4. Cholesterol under spirulina management

The 3 basic types of cholesterol are triglycerides (fat cells), LDL cholesterol (for producing hormones) and HDL cholesterol (which control the other two). Heart disease happens when there are high triglycerides or LDL-cholesterol in your body. Any damage to your artery walls can cause heart disease, clots, stroke and the like. Spirulina helps to regain control over the cholesterol levels in the body, actually preventing LDL cholesterol from becoming hardened plaque.

Benefits of Spirulina5. Cancer benefits from taking spirulina

Studies show that spirulina helps fight cancer, particularly oral cancer. This microalgae has been shown to possess anticancer properties.

6. Spirulina detoxifies you from heavy metals

When we talk about heavy metals here, we’re talking about poisons in your body caused from bad food, water, and the environment. Spirulina not only can combat it, but it is a God-send against allergies as well, which can seriously affect your enjoyment of life. One of the benefits of Spirulina is the ability to prevent histamine release, protecting you all the way as you fight allergies. Scientists in Bangladesh discovered that around 3% of the Bangladeshi people displayed signs of heavy metal (arsenic) poisoning. The scientists gave 24 of these people just 250 mg of spirulina and 2 mg of zinc twice a day. Their verdict: was “a tremendous improvement”. Notwithstanding the heavy metals, spirulina does an excellent job of generally detoxifying the body of all toxins and chemicals, reducing health problems and restoring the body to function to its fullest capacity.

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Benefits of Spirulina7. Reduce your blood pressure with spirulina

There are millions of people all over the world who suffer from this deadly disease, and spirulina is known to be able to lower your blood pressure. To keep your blood pressure down is vitally important because high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart disease diabetes, and others.

8. Lose weight taking spirulina

Because spirulina is so rich in protein and other valuable nutrients, when consuming it, you feel fuller for longer, thereby helping you to curb your appetite.

9. Take spirulina to reduce the side effects of antibiotics

Even though antibiotics are there to kill any viruses, bacteria, and fungi in your body, that means they don’t hesitate in killing off the good bacteria as well. The good bacterium is meant to keep your digestive tract healthy and protect your body from illness and infection. Spirulina promotes the growth of good bacteria to keep your immune system as well as your digestive tract optimized. Very good news!

Today, in our modern industrialized society, we humans eat foods that don’t meet our required nutritional volumes and not only that, a lot of the foods we eat today contain dangerous ingredients. These are things like artificial sweeteners, color additives, artificial tasters, and flavors, trans-fats and the like. A lot of this stuff is processed by machines – do you wonder why people are ailing and dying before their time. Our lifestyles are definitely different than that of our predecessors before us and the truth is, it is difficult to get hold of foods that don’t have chemicals in, i.e. unless you have your own piece of ground where you can grow your own natural foods. Our lives are at stake by the food choices we make and wrong choices can lead us to aggravated conditions and chronic and fatal diseases. Obesity is one that is visible to the naked eye but others are silent killers.

You can try and heal yourself. Remember Hippocrates said, “Let the food be thy medicine” – he was right because there is healing power in nature. Sometimes we can’t afford the right food, sometimes not even knowing what we need. Don’t ignore the benefits of spirulina; it has the capacity to replenish the nutrient deficiency your body might be experiencing as well as cleansing it at the same time. With benefits of Spirulina, you can regenerate your body faster, allowing it to heal itself.


Spirulina, the superfood, often referred to as an ‘untreated’ food – packed with the most nutrients available on planet Earth today. Those that follow a diet such as the Paleo diet will agree that if a food was not available around the time of the early cavemen, then we should not be eating it today. It is only natural, nutrient-dense foods which are consumed on this diet. And since spirulina is a form of plant microalgae, packed with nutrients, it is highly accepted on this diet, showing its long history as a wonder food. Not only for the body, not only for health but also for beautiful skin, ideal for skin masks and skin peels, spirulina cleanses out the skin pores and nourishes the skin – the effects are definitely to be seen. With the whole range of health benefits that come from being associated with spirulina, one cannot help to be impressed. Spirulina well deserves the attention it receives for all its purposes. Not only that, it is safe to use with no significant side effects. Therefore and rightly so, it can certainly be considered as one of the best food supplements, ever, and you will truly be hard pressed to find a food that is more superior, nutritionally.

Benefits of SpirulinaIn closing, here is something to kick start your ‘walk’ with spirulina. Spirulina sends you, with love, a healthy snack so that you can started enjoying the benefits of Spirulina: And it takes a mere 10 minutes.


– 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels
– 3 tablespoons coconut oil
– 1 tablespoon healthy spirulina powder
– Salt and pepper, for taste


Heat up the coconut oil in a saucepan. You can test the heat by tossing in a couple of popcorn kernels in the oil. If they pop, the oil is ready to receive the popcorn. Add it all, covering with a lid. As the popping starts seriously, take the pot aside for about 20 seconds, switching off heat. Then place it back on. When popping has come to an end, empty popped popcorn into a bowl, ensuring there is no excess oil. Then season with salt and pepper, sprinkling some of the spirulina powder over. Toss and serve. Here’s to spirulina health!

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