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Strive For SuccessNo matter who you are and what you want out of life, your mind is a critical component as you strive for success. You are going to be using your brain in a variety of ways if you want to achieve success and just like athletes spend years building up their muscles before they go out and use them in competition, you can build up your brain and become more brilliant to help you be successful faster.

Here are some great tips on how you can strive for success in your life.

1. Stop watching so much television.
Studies have shown that TV actually does reduce your brain power. It isn’t working your mind and eventually it will atrophy.

2. Don’t abuse alcohol or drugs.
Another thing that has been scienced a lot over the past few decades is the effect of drugs and alcohol on the brain. Here’s a spoiler: it damages it.

3. Read More.
Reading is something that most successful people have in common. Read lots of self-help books and anything else that holds your interest.

4. Actively seek out things that challenge your brain.
For example, doing crossword puzzles or playing brain games online will give the old cranium a great workout.

5. Play board games.
Believe it or not, playing board games can do a great deal to work your brain. The more complicated the board game the better, and there are a lot of them out there to choose from these days. Talk to a comic book nerd or visit your local gaming shop.

6. Eat healthy.
Have you heard the term “brain food”? It isn’t just a funny name. Some foods really do have an effect on your mind and improve your brain cells.

7. Exercise.
Exercising can release endorphins and increases the blood flow to your brain (and other organs) and can go a long way towards becoming more brilliant.

8. Be curious about stuff.
If you see something that you don’t understand, take the time to look it up and figure it out. Be curious about the world, about how things work and learn as much as possible.

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9. Go back to school.
Take some classes at your local community center or even the college in your town. You might be surprised how much you enjoy them as an adult.

10. Learn a new language.
Learning a new language requires a lot of brain power and it can train your brain for all kinds of other learning.

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