Areas Of Self-improvement Part 2

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Areas Of Self-improvementThe dictionary defines self-improvement as…”the improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts.”

Self-improvement, also known as personal development in its truest form is the process of developing and improving one’s abilities, character and really any and all aspects of a person and his or her life.

Self-improvement always begins with self-awareness and introspection. In fact, self-awareness is the cornerstone of self-improvement and can often be its end goal.

Your life only gets better when you do. When you work on yourself, the rest naturally follows. Below are 25 of the main areas of self-improvement…

Can you make a go of life alone? Do you rely on others? While relying on others isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to know that you are truly independent. You can make decisions on your own, you can pay your bills, you can stand on your own two feet and remain standing.

When you look for a partner (or if you already have one), you know that it isn’t about whether you can live without them… you probably could, you just don’t want to. That’s the difference between being dependent on a partner and not.

Overcome Boredom
If you want to squash boredom you need to learn how to motivate yourself to do. It’s easy to shrug and say you’re bored as you flick through hundreds of channels on television. Unless there’s a weather warning, there is nothing standing between you and the great outdoors. Even if there is a weather warning, there is probably plenty you could do around the house. Overcoming boredom requires motivation.

Stress Management
There are a wide variety of techniques for managing stress, and what works for you might not work for others. It’s all about finding the most effective tools to help you manage stress as you progress with your overall self-improvement project. Life is stressful, and there’s only so much of it you can limit and prevent. So, the typical stresses of life need to be managed effectively. These are tools like yoga, regular sleep, eating healthily, exercises, mindfulness meditation, and deep breathing.

Belief In Self
Do you believe in your ability to do? That’s what self-belief is. The belief in your judgment and in your abilities. If this is something that you struggle with then working on it is a great place to start your self-improvement journey.

Once you start to believe in yourself you will see an improvement in other areas of your life. One of the best things you can do for your self-belief is to make a list of what you know you’re really great at. Reflect on it every time you start to doubt yourself. It’s easy to think you’re terrible at life when you focus on all of your weak points. You can improve on your weaknesses without getting caught up in them.

Defining Values
What are your values? It’s important that everyone has a good idea of what beliefs they hold and core values they follow. It’s something that you should use to measure potential partners and even friends against.

While you can get on with people who disagree with you, it’s nice to have people who think like you do in your corner. So, start defining your values. The first question to ask yourself is what really matters to you?

The ability to see yourself as separate from others, to be separate from your environment. You are fully aware of who you are as a person, which means having a deep understanding of your strengths, as well as your weaknesses. Without introspection, there can be no self-awareness which can also limit your self-improvement.

While it might look different for everyone, self-care is the act of looking after yourself. It’s all about providing yourself with care. It doesn’t always mean going for a massage, sometimes it’s just putting yourself to bed on time and working on your routine or even balancing your budget to give you peace of mind about your finances.

There are all types of ways you can practice self-care, but it’s important that you be honest with yourself. Most people will nod and say yes, they take care of themselves. However, when you act them to name the ways they practice self-care they struggle. Offer yourself some of the care that you’ve been caught up giving away.

It drives your actions, it drives your needs, and your desires. It’s what drives you to repeat the same actions over and over. There are intrinsic motivations and extrinsic ones but know that for long-term goal setting the most effective motivation is intrinsic.

Motivation will guide you to act, but if you’re struggling with yours it might explain why your progress has stalled. The good news is you can get it back on track. Start by reevaluating your life and what you give your energy to.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. If you haven’t had an interview in a while, then you may not know how it feels to have someone say and what are your weaknesses? We spend a lot of time focused on our strengths, but part of self-awareness is knowing about every aspect of self.

That doesn’t mean you need to put your focus on your weaknesses, however, knowing where your blind spots are allows you to change the script. Instead of viewing them as weaknesses you can view them as opportunities and start to develop them. First, you need to know what they are. So, be honest – what are your weaknesses?

The act of exchanging information is a clear and concise manner. Are you effective in the art of communication? Do people understand what you’re telling them, whether it’s orally or in writing? Have you considered what type of message your nonverbal cues are sending to people? If they don’t match up you’re likely to deal with confusion as people walk away with different messages.

One of the most complicated aspects of communication is transmitting your idea without allowing your emotions to interfere with what you’re trying to say. This can be challenging, but it’s an important aspect of effective communication.

This is all about understanding why you do what you do and many people find this a difficult to achiever area of self-improvement. What is it that makes you act in the way that you do? It isn’t just about knowing your strengths and weaknesses and having a good idea of how to control your emotions. No, this is about having a deeper understanding of yourself. You can easily determine why you act in certain ways, why you experience certain emotions in specific situations, and even understand your reactions.

Mood Management
Moods are contagious, believe it or not. Anyone with a nasty, grumpy boss can attest to this. The office is fine until the doors swing open and in walks thunder personified.

It clouds the mood of everyone in the room and can affect the rest of the day, too. Yet, when your boss is peppy and perky it can spread just as quickly. It’s important to manage your own moods, as it might just help manage everyone else’s mood, too. Smiles and laughter are infectious.

Manage Difficult People
We all know at least one difficult person, and there’s a good chance it’s from work. They are the people who dig their toes in and resist change when it’s happening all around them. They’re the ones that always point out the problems, but never bother to look for solutions. You can’t go around them, instead, you must learn how to effectively manage them.

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The first way is when they throw up problems to force them to think of a solution. Other effective ways of managing difficult people are learning to manage your own mood and to establish boundaries. Don’t allow them to drag you into their thinking, remain focused on solutions.

Procrastination is when you are actively delaying a task. You might find other tasks to do instead, ones that are less important. You may just avoid doing anything at all. Either way, procrastination is killing your career. You will feel far more efficient if you just tackle the task when you’re supposed to instead of waiting until the last minute. That just increases your stress for no reason.

So, what is leadership? How can we define it? It has so many different meanings. At its very core, leadership is simply the ability to lead. Still, what does that mean? Truly? It is the ability to influence others to maximize their effort.

It isn’t about a title, a salary or even management. It’s about being an example of what is good and right and others following the example you have set. That’s leadership.

Clarity is transparency. It’s all about producing messages that are clear, no matter who might be reading them. It’s the ability to understand your core audience and produce communication that speaks directly to them.

Potential is having the capacity to be greater in the future. You can call it potential or refer to it grow. How much grow do you have within you? At its core, potential is as yet an unrealized ability. Instead of referring to weaknesses as opportunities, maybe we should start looking at them as potential areas for grow. Only you can put a limit on your potential.

The mental attitude that reflects your hope for a positive or favorable outcome. Optimism, positivity, and happiness are birds of a feather – they really do flock together. Positive people are often happier than their negative counterparts.

This is something that we can work on, though. While you might consider yourself a pessimist right now, the only thing that can stop you from being an optimist… is you.

Planning and preparation, that’s the key to efficiency and organization. It’s all about producing a result without wasting energy or money or materials, etc. It’s finding out how best to tackle something and produce it without waste.

A relationship could be referencing a romantic interest, but it could also refer to work colleagues, as well as the familial and platonic relationships in your life. Every relationship requires work to function properly. You offer your work friends respect and cooperation in order to build fruitful working relationships with them.

You go on dates and spend time with your partner, you share intimate details about yourself, and give them the energy your relationship needs to thrive. Before you can truly develop the relationships in your life, though, you have to develop yourself.

Your purpose, passion, vision… it’s what motivates you. It’s your cause, what drives you in life. Everyone has a purpose and maybe the easiest way to break that down for you to determine yours is to call it your objective. So, what is your objective?

It boils down to confident behavior, it borders on forceful without stepping into the realm of aggressiveness. While some people struggle to assert themselves altogether, others might have a problem stopping at the line between assertive and aggressive.

It’s all about self-assured confidence. You should be able to share your feelings, thoughts, and express yourself without anxiety. But, also without infringing on someone else’s rights as a result.

Achieving something that you desire. It can also mean that you have met a need, condition or requirement. You have fulfilled your life’s objective. While eCommerce sites fulfill the orders of their customers, your focus is on fulfilling your needs and desires. The goals we set are important, so fulfilling them is equally important. It’s all about moving forward.

Life Purpose
Your life purpose can guide your actions, your decisions, it helps to shape your goals, and it can also help you create meaning in your life. When you feel lost in life there’s a good chance you haven’t been living your life purpose.

When you discover yours, you will soon see how it can help you shape (or reshape) your life. When you do determine what your life purpose is you should make notes on what it will take to ensure you live it out. Use that framework as the guide to making decisions in life. Don’t act in a way that doesn’t serve your life purpose.

Finding Wholeness
What does it mean to be whole? You’ve probably heard references to your whole body. The reason this reference stands is because when we think of health and wellness we talk about our physical self, and often forget about our psychological and spiritual needs.

There is more than one aspect to you as a person and to find wholeness you need to fulfill each of those components. Wholeness is really all about feeling happy, content, and comfortable with yourself as a person and fulfilling every need on the human wheel, not just looking after the basics.

No, this isn’t about successfully walking from point A to point B without falling over. This is about striking a healthy balance in your life. Work has its place, it pays for you to live. However, striking a work/life balance that accommodates your personal life and other hobbies and interests is important, too. Even if you enjoy your work, you still need to check out and make time for your loved ones and other activities you love. All work and no play make you a very stressed out, unhealthy person that no one wants to be around.

Health and Wellness
Why do we use the term health and wellness, why don’t we just talk about health? The wellness part of the equation is more to do with your approach to living. In this case, a healthy one.

The health part is more related to your actual health, that doesn’t just mean the physicality of your health, though.

The health in health and wellness includes the mental and spiritual aspects, too. So, it’s your whole health and your healthy approach to living.

Financial Freedom
True financial freedom means that if something was to happen and you had to stop working today, you would still be able to live. However, not all of us can imagine a life with that kind of financial freedom. Okay, most of us can’t imagine that life. However, it is certainly something that we all aspire to and is an important area of self-improvement.

It will come down to your ability to manage money, your career choices, and even the habits you have. Think of your career in terms of grow, how far can you go in this industry? You should also have a plan in place for short-term savings. Don’t forget to consider investment opportunities – this is a big one in the search for financial freedom.

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