Are You Chasing A Dream?

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Are You Chasing A Dream?Chasing your dream can mean something different to each of us, but it doesn’t really matter how you define it… one thing we all have in common is the uncanny ability to come up with a reason why it’s impossible. Have you been desperate to follow your dreams, but you just haven’t managed to do it yet?

It can be difficult to do, especially if you’re just not sure what your passion really is. We are expected to determine our career path from a young age and let’s be honest, how can you even know that in your college years, when as an adult you still don’t have a clue? It puts an insane demand on your happiness and sadly, the majority of us make the wrong choice. Rather than finding a passion and pursuing it, we put the logical cap on and chase a career that will offer us stability, reliability, and room to grow. Then we reach a point where we are restless and unhappy, but we can’t take the risk to chase a dream – it’s not safe, it’s scary, you have bills to pay, a family to look after… there’s always an excuse.

Ask yourself this – if there were no obstacles standing in your way – would you do it? Would you chase your dreams if there was no risk involved? No one on this earth will reply with a no, but here’s the thing – the best things in life aren’t always the easiest ones. Success and achievement always taste better when you’ve had to put in a bit of blood, sweat, and tears to get there. If life is a river, you don’t want to drift aimlessly, you want to grab a paddle and get out there. Part of chasing your dreams is jumping out of your comfort zone and experiencing what else life has to offer.

Should You Make Your Hobby Your Career?

If you are passionate about your hobby and you can earn money to do it, then yes. However, not every passion is one that can be turned into a career. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still pursue your dreams. In an ideal world we would all be doing something that we love and earning a healthy salary from it, but when that isn’t possible, you can still make it a big part of your life.

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If you just aren’t sure what your dreams are, then it’s time to get curious about yourself and explore the world around you. Think of curiosity as an itch, an itch that is impossible to scratch unless you understand what is causing it. The only way to scratch is to learn about what it is that piqued your curiosity in the first place. If you allow yourself to get curious you will unlock potential passions to explore, including situations, information, and people.

When you know what dream it is you want to chase then talk to people who share your passion and then put yourself in a position that will allow you to decide whether it’s something you would really enjoy doing. What do you really enjoy doing? Part of this is understanding what you are truly good at – when you’re good at something, it certainly becomes a whole lot more enjoyable (and easier, too).

So, think about what you do well, whether it’s a hobby, a previous job or project you’ve worked on and ask yourself whether this is a dream you want to chase.

Stop Making Excuses

It’s time to put away your excuses and invest in your future – if you really want to chase your dreams, you will find solutions rather than looking for problems. And when you do, well, the sky’s the limit.

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Thanks in advance for sharing! Jeanne :)

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