Aging And Insomnia

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Aging And Insomnia

There are millions of people worldwide that have issues sleeping, regardless of age or lifestyle. Keep in mind that sleeping issues can happen to us all for many different reasons and as a person tends to get older, sometimes lifestyle habits make it quite harder to rush into a great night’s sleep. How can we fix some of these issues in which so many people have? Ultimately, a person is going to have to change their nightly routine habits, as well dieting habits in order to achieve a better night’s sleep.

For some people, trying to change the way that they live is quite impossible, especially the older someone gets because a lot of older individuals are highly set in their ways, thinking that the way they live is quite healthy and so on. Old age will absolutely hit us all and there is just no way of escaping it, it’s life and we all must live it, but there are specific things within our lives that we can do in order to live healthier and happier. Today, we are going to be taking a quick look into some very common sleeping issues that will come along with older age and just how to fix these issues.

Developing Menopause

As most of us know, menopause is a condition that women will get when they hit a certain age, usually around the mid-forties into the early fifties is when this condition will set in. Menopause is a natural occurrence in a women’s body that means she will no longer be able to bear children and her monthly cycles will stop. There are many side effects that will come along with menopause and most every woman dreads this time in life because it brings about a lot of discomfort, especially during the nighttime when sleep is needed. Did you know that most all women going through menopause or what most people state as the change of life, most all women will experience night sweats and hot flashes? This will definitely keep a woman up during most of the night because of all the discomfort.

This is a life change that all women will have to go through and when it hits, there is a drop when it comes to hormones that used to keep a woman quite regular, so the sleeping patterns will definitely alter a bit. What can a person do to ease the irritation of menopause? There isn’t much that a woman can do if she is wanting to place a hold on this natural life occurrence, but there are medications out on the market that can assist with the hot flashes and night sweats. Such medications include New Chapter Estrotone, Natrol Complete Balance for Menopause, One-A-Day Menopause and so many others. These types of medications will take the severity off from menopause, taken once or twice per day.

Poor Habits and Sleeping Environment

It’s a known fact that a person’s bedroom is their own sanctuary and when it doesn’t have that home comfort feeling to it, the environment can definitely have an effect on how a person sleeps and if they sleep throughout the night. Poor habits are among the leading cause of older adults not being able to obtain great sleep throughout the night. Some poor eating habits include not turning off the television or computer before going to bed and keep in mind that some people will tend to go onto bed with their iPhone or computer with them.

The blue lights in a person’s face can be one of the most horrid and dangerous things a person can do when going to bed because blue lights have an effect on the brain that will cause it to not shutdown very easily or not at all. If you must be on your computer, iPhone, or tablet, then it would be best if you could shut those items down at least one hour before you go to bed. This would be the same format for if you’re watching television, make sure you always turn it off at least one hour before you go to bed.

These types of habits are all part of a person’s sleeping environment, so it’s best if you set your lifestyle to a more calm and peaceful way to life because in the long run, you will feel better and become happier because you will get more restful sleep. Always make sure that you alter your nighttime routine habits by turning off your electronic devices at least one hour before your expected bedtime and have your room decorated nice with things that make you as the sleeper very comfortable and happy.

The Usage of Specific Medication

Please keep in mind that older people will more than likely take more medications than younger people. There are expectations, but most of the time, older individuals will have more wrong with them, so they will need to be on more medications. Certain medications can absolutely have some side effects that will alter sleep patterns and this type of issue is very common along a lot of older people that take numerous amounts of medications. Keep in mind that a lot of older people will take more medications than they are supposed to, causing an unhealthy or hyperactive reaction when trying to sleep at night.

What should a person do in order to get better sleep at night, especially if the person needs to be on a specific medication? What he or she could do is go back to their family doctor and ask the doctor what needs to be done. Most of the time, your family doctor will write you a prescription for a new medication which will promote better and more restful sleep. Now, there are a lot of people that do not like to do this, especially if they are already on quite a few medications, so some people will drink herbal sleepy-time teas to induce a better sleeping pattern throughout the night.

Not Getting Enough Exercise

Not Getting Enough Exercise
Not Getting Enough Exercise

When a person doesn’t get enough physical exercise, it’s a known fact that it will be ten times more difficult on getting to sleep at night. When we don’t keep it moving throughout the day, how can we wind down and have a restful sleep during the nighttime? Keep in mind that a lot of older people will feel as though when they get to a specific age, they don’t have to, or they shouldn’t engage in any exercise simply because of the excuse of being too old.

This is a very unhealthy and bad way to think because as long as a person is still alive and able to get up and walk, there shouldn’t be an excuse not to get any form of physical exercise. A person doesn’t have to go overboard either, please remember that. It doesn’t take that much exercise to make an older person feel worn out, resulting in better sleeping patterns because the mind, as well the body has been worked. Just as we’ve mentioned before, a person doesn’t have to go overboard with a daily routine of exercise. If an older adult could just get in one mile per day, either at their local gym or outside walking, you would be surprised on how much better he or she would sleep during the night. Always remember to get some type of physical activity in each day for a more soothing and peaceful sleep during the nighttime hours.

Dealing with Stress in Your Life

There are various forms of stress which will come into a person’s life. A lot of the times, many older adults will be under a lot of stress because of how their lives have turned out, their children or grandchildren not acting right, being diagnosed with different types of diseases and so on. The list of different types of stressors could go on and on because they will vary for each person. Being able to properly handle and deal with stress and anxiety in life can feel like the definite challenge of a person’s lifetime because most people, if not all cannot stop their thoughts from coming in.

We all tend to ponder upon the good and bad in life and sometimes the bad takes over if we let it. So, the question of the century is how can a person control the stressors in life? Keep in mind that a lot of older people will let stress take over because they do not engage in a lot of other activities outside the home. What a person can do when it comes to taking the severity of stress away is engage in some light Yoga practices one hour before bed or taking a nice, warm bath right before going onto bed. These types of activities will expand the muscles, as well the mind for a more passive and restful sleep throughout the night.

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Not Having Enough Social Engagement

You may not think this, but if an older person doesn’t have enough friends or social engagement, nine times out of ten, these types of people will find it harder to fall asleep at night. Why would this be? Well, you must keep in mind that when a person, especially an older person that needs friends and a support system isn’t around such as an environment as this, it will tend to play on their minds, often feeling quite restless throughout the day and even into the night. Having friends and a great support system is great for us all, unbelievably, regardless of age.

Everyone needs someone, point, blank, period. The mind, as well the body needs to feel as though they are useful for something bigger than themselves, which is so important as to why people need to have friends, especially at an older age. You could go out and join a local gym for great social engagement, as well engaging in amazing physical activity. A person would be taking care of both, the mind and body, which will result in quite the astounding sleeping patterns at night. A person can even locate social engagement at churches, the local grocery store and so on. The key component is to always be smiling and friendly to others. You would be surprised just how many friends that will land you.

Having Certain Sleeping Disorders

A lot of older people will develop sleeping disorders and the reasons vary from each individual. Did you know that restless leg syndrome, snoring, as well sleep apnea will tend to occur more so in older individuals? This will make it so much more difficult to be able to get any rest throughout the night. The reasons as to why a person in later life could develop such sleeping disorders are unknown, but there are things in which a person can do to get rid or even cope with when it comes to their disorders. If you are one to have restless leg syndrome, what you could do is go to your family doctor and have him prescribe you some medications that will aid in relieving RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). You could also take up vigorous exercises right before nightfall comes, that way your legs and body will be worn down and you will be able to rest better throughout the night.

When your body has experienced a lot of physical endurance right before bedtime, well not right before, but at least a couple of hours before your shuteye, your core will naturally be tired. If you also suffer with insomnia, some of the best practices a person could do is once again, be involved with some type of physical activity to stimulate not only the mind, but the physical body as well. It should be recommended that you should be exercising at least three to four times each week and that includes running/walking a mile each of those three to four days, light weight lifting, riding a bicycle at your local gym and so on.

Just always make sure that you keep it lightweight and not go overboard. Another wonderful thing that you can do is to make yourself a nice cup of what they call, Sleepy Time Tea around thirty minutes to an hour before you go on to bed, that way your body will release that natural drowsiness within your body and you can go on and go to bed for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Having Joint Disorders

Keep in mind that a lot of older people will have joint disorders such as arthritis. In fact, at least 95% or more people over the age of fifty will have some type of arthritic condition. This will absolutely keep a person up late at night, not being able to sleep and so on because with most forms of arthritis, a person will feel a burning sensation, a lot of inflammation, pain, as well swelling throughout the hands, knees, arms, and legs. These are the most common locations where arthritis will usually hit, and they are in the hands, feet, arms, as well the legs. For many of you, that probably feels like most to all of a person’s body, but arthritis picks and chooses where it wants to land, but there is always a reason for it.

If a person has engaged in a lot of hard, physical activity throughout his or her life, then usually the wear and tear of the spine will be the first to develop arthritis. See how that works? What a person could do is they suffer from joint issues to make sure that they are eating the appropriate foods such as broccoli, fish, green and ginger teas, and so much more. Remember, you are going to want to eat anything that has anti-inflammatory properties infused inside of it, as this will help profoundly, the reduction of arthritis pain and inflammation.

Having A Poor Diet

Having A Poor Diet
Having A Poor Diet

This is another leading factor as to why so many older people cannot rest well at night. They do not have a great diet and more than likely, haven’t had one all of their lives. It’s a known fact that if a person eats a lot of boxed dinners, sugars and starchy foods, the mind will have a very difficult time trying to calm on down for a peaceful night’s sleep. Processed foods are horrible for anyone to eat, not just the older adults, but remember that most older adult’s bodies are different in how they digest and handle harder foods than that of a younger person.

So, it’s even more vital that they stay away from overly processed foods and boxed dinners. This will definitely keep an older person up at night because of how hard their bodies will have to work in order to process and digest such awful food. What you could do is try and eat more vegetables and fruits, not just before bed, but all throughout the day. Make it a complete lifestyle change for the better. You will be so surprised on how your body will thank-you for it! Hey, it will finally be able to get some rest during the night if you eat calm, healthy foods.

Dealing with Depression

This is another oh so common factor in older adults when it comes to not being able to get enough sleep throughout the night. Depression is an illness which affects billions of people worldwide, but there are ways to treat it naturally, as well with prescription medications. When older people get to a certain age, which no one thinks they are ever going to get there, it can be quite a blow for a lot of people because they start to think about their own mortality. Their children are grown and have moved away, they may not have a lot of visitors and this can cause the mind, as well the heart to feel quite sad, resulting in a day-to-day feeling of depression.

What can a person do about such feelings? Well, keep in mind that involving yourself in some type of social engagement is very important, such as joining a local gym, groups at the library, church, or any other various form of group meetings throughout your town. It’s never a good idea to just stay closed off in your home and let those feelings ride, okay? Get out of the home, engage in some light exercise and talk to people while you’re out. Make friends and eventually, you will find that by doing so, you will begin to have a support system, people to talk to about your troubles and so on. If you don’t find that those specific behavioral patterns work, you will then need to go to your doctor and have him prescribe you some medications aided especially for depression, as this works wonders for sufferers of depression and anxiety related issues.

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