About The Volumetrics Diet

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The Volumetrics Diet: What You Need To Know

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Have you ever wished that you could eat all the food you want and lose weight? According to the Volumetrics diet, that is exactly what you can do. This diet is based on two key concepts.

1. Keep calories low by avoiding energy dense foods.
2. Keep satiety high by eating large volumes of food.

How do these concepts help you lose weight?

Avoid Energy-Dense Foods

What is energy density? Energy density refers to the number of calories per gram of a specific food. Typically, foods that are thought of as energy dense are those that give you a lot of calories for not a lot of food. Think nuts, candy, high-fat foods.

Some energy dense foods are also nutritionally dense. Nutritional density refers to some nutrients that food contains. Nutrients can be anything other than calories; vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals are all examples of nutrients found in foods.

Just because the food is nutrient dense does not mean it is going to be energy dense. Think of things like strawberries, mushrooms, and broccoli. All of these foods are rich in phytochemicals, minerals, and vitamins, yet each of them has very few calories.

Seek Nutritionally Dense Food

While you are avoiding energy dense foods on the Volumetrics diet, you are going to want to make sure that you are seeking out nutritionally dense foods. Nutritionally dense foods are going to give your body essential vitamins and nutrient that they need to help you feel fuller longer.

Foods High in Water

Volumetrics also relies heavily on foods that are high in water content like fruits and vegetables. These will fill you up while satisfying both your hunger and your need to munch.

Eating Large Volumes Of Food

How can you eat large volumes of food on the Volumetrics diet? The simple answer is avoiding energy dense foods allow you to eat more food without worrying about coming close to your calorie target. If you are worried about what you are going to be able to eat on this diet, don’t be. The book includes recipes for many foods with lots of water in them that will fill you up without busting your calorie limits.

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Do I Need To Exercise On The Volumetrics Diet?

While exercise is not a specific requirement on the Volumetrics diet, monitoring your step count is. If you do not currently track your steps, you will want to invest in a pedometer. The Volumetrics diet encourages you to increase your step count by 150 steps a week until you reach a daily step count of 10,000 a day.

How Fast Will I Lose Weight With Volumetrics?

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One of the best features of the Volumetrics is that it doesn’t make any rapid weight loss claims. This diet I designed to be a complete lifestyle adjustment that you can use for the rest of your life. Once you have lost your weight, you can continue to use this eating program to maintain.

The Volumetrics diet teaches you how to eat, shop, and a new way to look at food. It really can be a life-changing decision for those who find this style of diet works for them.

Is Volumetrics Adaptable to My Medical Condition or Dietary Restrictions?

Because there are no real limitations to the types of food, you can consume (as long as they are not energy dense) the Volumetrics diet is highly adaptable. If you have a metabolic medical condition or one that requires special eating habits it is always best that you consult with your physician before attempting to start a new eating regimen.

If you have special dietary considerations like veganism or kosher restrictions you should be able to easily follow the Volumetrics diet. This diet will allow you to eat a wide array of food that will fall into acceptable parameters of most modified eating programs. This is one of the reasons that the Volumetrics diet is a highly versatile diet.

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