About The HMR Diet

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The HMR Diet: What You Need To Know

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The HMR diet is a basic diet plan that delivers food, shakes, meal replacement bars and other approved items to your home for you to eat while you lose weight. This program is similar to other programs you may be more familiar with like Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. Though HRM is not as well known as the previously mentioned programs, the basic tenants are the same.

HMR offers two tiers of diet programming.


This weight loss tier is only completed in a certified HMR clinic. The diets consist of medical supervision and coaching. The food provided and ranges in caloric intake from 500 to 800 calories a day. This diet is not completed at home because of the severe calorie restriction.
Clinics for the decision free program are found throughout the United States and can be enrolled in online through the HMR website.

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This option from the HMR Diet is something that can be done either in the comfort of your own home or in an HMR clinic. This diet is not as strict on calories as the Decision-Free program offered on the HMR diet. You are allowed 1200-1400 calories. You do get medical supervision on this diet as well as coaching.

The initial price of this diet can vary depending on promotions, but at the time, this article was written it averaged about $100 a week. This includes all of the shakes and food that you need for the duration of the program. The HMR program automatically enrolls you in a 2-week auto delivery so that you do not ever have to worry about ordering your next set of food.

Who Is HMR Good For?

HMR diets are ideal for those who do not want to put any effort into their diet. The prepackaged food allows you to simply order the food and eat what is delivered. If you do not have time to cook and find that your biggest challenge is cooking healthy meals, then this may be a great fit for you.

This is ideal for someone who does not have to make meals for other people. If you are a single person who is not responsible for meal preparation for a family, this is going to make your weight loss easy as pie. Unfortunately, if you are responsible for preparing meals for other people, this diet may leave room to be desired. It does not teach you any life skills about cooking and meal preparation. If you do not plan on eating the HMR food for the rest of your life, you may find that this diet won’t teach you the skills you need.

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Is It Hard To Stick With The HMR Diet?

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This diet is amazingly easy to follow because everything is laid out for you. You literally open a box and eat it. There is no thought or preparation to follow. The only problem with this diet may be because of the lack of options available on the HMR diet. This diet is surprisingly lacking in options. Other similar programs have many entrée options. If you tire quickly of eating the same thing over and over again, then think about another option.

The hardest part about following this diet may be the financial obligations. Staying in an HMR clinic is not inexpensive and will require time off of work. If you choose to go with the at home option, then there is still a considerable financial obligation.

Unlike other diet programs, this one does not teach you how to adapt your current lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle over time. Once you stop the HMR program, you will have to adjust yourself back to a standard diet. This may lead to yo-yo dieting and should be something to consider before attempting to stop the HMR diet program.

Altogether, this program is ideal for someone who needs a high amount of structure and does not enjoy food preparation or cooking.

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