50 Natural Ways To Lower The Blood Pressure – Part 2

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50 Natural Ways To Lower The Blood Pressure - Part 2Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common problem, affecting up to a 1/3 of the adult population in the US. While there are medications to lower your blood pressure, these can have side effects that can make it difficult to take the medications.

Natural remedies can lower your blood pressure with far fewer side effects so you can enjoy the health benefits of low blood pressure, and possibly avoid having to take prescription drugs. You should always check with your doctor before starting any new treatments and especially herbal treatments that can interfere with some medications.

50 Natural Ways To Lower The Blood Pressure Part 2:

  1. Eat soy products. Soy products such as soymilk or tempeh can bring down blood pressure in those people who have high blood pressure or are in the beginning stages of high blood pressure.
  2. Eat more basil. Basil has been found to reduce blood pressure when eaten as part of a healthy diet. You can also take extract of basil but the effect doesn’t last long. Fresh basil is best and you can even grow it yourself indoors.
  3. Eat Cardamom. This is an Indian spice that is also used in South Asian food. One study gave participants powdered cardamom for a few months. Those who followed through were able to lower their blood pressure level by several points. Put cardamom seeds or cardamom powder in spice rubs, in stews, baked goods, and soups for better blood pressure readings.
  4. Eat lots of garlic. Garlic has been found to lower blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels. It can be added to many different recipes for better flavor and better blood pressure control. You can also take garlic supplements so you won’t have garlic breath.
  5. Eat Hawthorn. This is a great herbal remedy that can be used for the management of high blood pressure. Hawthorn has been a staple of traditional Chinese medical practices for many thousands of years. It seems to reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, and decrease blood clots. It can be taken as a tea, a liquid extract, or a capsule.
  6. Eat celery seed. This is a common herb used to flavor casseroles, stews, and soups, among other foods. It has been known to help in the management of high blood pressure in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You mainly need to eat the seeds in order to lower your blood pressure but you can also use a juicer and grind up the entire plant. Celery acts as an excellent diuretic, which is probably why it lowers blood pressure.
  7. Take in French Lavender. This not only makes for a nice perfume but it induces relaxation, which can help your blood pressure. You basically use oil of lavender to relax you and to lower your blood pressure. It can be used like rosemary or another spice in recipes for baked goods for better blood pressure control.
  8. Cat’s Claw. This is a commonly used herb for hypertension in traditional Chinese medicine circles. Studies have been done on Cat’s claw that showed it lowers blood pressure by acting as a calcium channel blocker. It is usually taken as a supplement purchased from health food stores.
  9. Eat fish oil. Fish oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. Not only does it lower blood pressure, it reduces triglycerides and raises the body’s HDL cholesterol levels (the good cholesterol). It has been shown to be helpful in patients who have a high risk of hypertension after having a heart transplant. Make sure you get a good quality of fish oil and put it in orange juice to drink. You can also take fish oil supplements in caplets or better yet enjoy oily fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel twice a week.
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  11. Drink coconut water. This is the substance found inside green coconuts. It is high in magnesium and potassium, which are known to act on the heart to lower the blood pressure. It has a better affect against the systolic blood pressure when compared to the diastolic blood pressure. Take about 8 ounces of organic coconut water per day for better blood pressure readings.
  12. Drink hibiscus. Hibiscus can be used to reduce high blood pressure. It acts as a diuretic, which eliminates water and salt through the kidneys, therefore decreasing blood pressure. It is also a mimicker of ACE inhibitors, a type of high blood pressure medicine. Blood vessels are less constricted, which reduces blood pressure. Drink a tea of hibiscus petals along with honey, cinnamon sticks, or lemon. Drink a cup 2-3 times per day as a hot or cold tea.
  13. Eat watermelon. Watermelon seems to help lower blood pressure when eaten every day. It contains citrulline, which is an amino acid. Citrulline is converted into the amino acid called L-arginine. This, in turn, is a precursor molecule to nitric oxide, which lowers blood pressure. Vascular resistance is lessened, which is how it lowers blood pressure. Try to eat 1 to 2 cups of fresh watermelon per day.
  14. Drink ginger-cardamom tea. According to a recent study, those who took in cardamom powder alone reduced their blood pressure but when added to ginger tea, the effect was more marked. Black tea has also been found to decrease blood pressure because of its high flavonoid content.
  15. Eat blueberry syrup. Syrups made from blueberries can lower blood pressure. Blueberries by themselves are high in quercetin, which is a flavonoid compound, known to reduce blood pressure. Elderberries can be added to the syrup in order to add extra benefits to the heart. It is made by mixing dried blueberries, honey, and water. The mixture without honey is boiled until the liquid component is cut in half through evaporation. The honey is then added to the syrup and heated over medium heat for twenty minutes. You can take a tablespoon twice daily for lower blood pressure.
  16. Seek psychotherapy. If stress bothers you and you can’t seem to shake it, go see a psychotherapist or counselor. You can learn relaxation techniques and lower your blood pressure by unloading all your worries to a caring listener.
  17. See a hypnotherapist. Hypnosis has been known to reduce blood pressure when it is targeted toward reducing blood pressure as hypnosis is often used to induce relaxation. Seek the advice of a qualified hypnotherapist who can hypnotize you to stop smoking, for weight loss or stop any other behavior that is interfering with your having low blood pressure.
  18. Acupuncture. When done by a qualified acupuncturist, can lower blood pressure. It involves putting needles in certain areas of the body in order to unblock the flow of qi energy that needs to flow smoothly through the various meridians of the body in order to have good health, including low blood pressure.
  19. Acupressure. This is similar to acupuncture but involves putting finger pressure to certain acupoints instead of using the needles used in acupuncture. Like acupuncture, it helps unblock the flow of qi energy in the body.
  20. Treat your pain. Many people have high blood pressure because they are dealing with chronic pain. When the pain is well managed, blood pressure will naturally dissipate. There are many ways to manage chronic pain and natural alternative therapies that can help.
  21. Try reflexology. This involves the use of trigger points on the feet that correspond to different body areas. By putting pressure on the feet in the parts of the feet that correspond to blood pressure and the blood vessels, you can lower your readings. See a qualified reflexologist.
  22. Get a massage. Massage is relaxing and isn’t just for the treatment of muscle aches and pains. It can lower your blood pressure levels by decreasing stress levels and inducing the relaxation response in the body.
  23. Take L-arginine. The supplement L arginine has been found to lower blood pressure, at least for a brief period of time. L-taurine may also have the same effect on blood pressure.
  24. Take Snakeroot. Snakeroot is also known as Rauwolfia serpentina. It has not been well studied among western medical scientific circles but has been used by herbalists to reduce blood pressure and improve heart health. Talk to an herbalist as to how much you need to take.
  25. Take Stephania tetranda. This is also called tetrandrine. It is used by herbalists to lower blood pressure when taken as an herbal supplement.
  26. Take Panax notoginseng. This is a type of ginseng, an herbal remedy used by herbalists to treat people who have high blood pressure. There are few scientific studies to support its use but it cannot hurt and may lower your blood pressure.
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