10 Ways Spouses Can Support Menopausal Women

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Menopausal WomenMenopausal women often feel as though they are alone in their plight and as a spouse, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help. Of course, there is! In fact, there are 10 THINGS YOU CAN DO to help the woman in your life.

During this period of their lives menopausal women often have difficulty with warm or stuffy rooms because of a miserable symptom known as hot flashes, so let her set the temperature of the thermostat in your home to allow for her maximum comfort during this very uncomfortable symptom.

You may need to be more patient with your spouse as she goes through menopause when it comes to sex, as she might be experiencing a decrease in libido and vaginal dryness that can make intercourse painful. Buying a water-based lubricant can help.

Support good nutritional habits as menopausal women need to improve their dietary habits to maintain a healthy weight and to get more vitamin D and calcium for bone strength. You can help by eating healthy right along with her.

Recognize that her bones might be fragile from osteoporosis and that she may be particularly prone to falls and fractures. You can help reduce the possibility of falls by decluttering the house, pulling up frayed carpeting, and removing throw rugs that she may trip over.

Encourage her to exercise and do it with her. Aerobic exercise is vital for the woman undergoing menopause to maintain a healthy weight, and to manage symptoms, like hot flashes.

Recognize that she may have mood swings, and in some cases, they may be very severe due to fluctuating hormones. Try not to make a big deal about these, and just be supportive to her in whatever mood she has. This may be very difficult, but remember that these will pass, and if you remain calm and solid as a rock, she will love you for it.

Stress can make symptoms worse for menopausal women, so do everything possible to reduce the stress in your lives and alleviate any specific stress on her. Take vacations, go to peaceful places, support relaxation, yoga, and meditation.

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To help her get a more restful sleep, let her select the bedding. While you may be more comfortable with a down comforter, she may see that as exacerbating her hot flashes and night sweats.

Buy her a personal portable fan so she can cool off during hot flashes.

Tell her she’s beautiful. New wrinkles, major changes within her body, hormonal changes, the idea of getting older, and possible weight gain during menopause can result in a poor self-image and even depression. As her spouse remind her that she still looks great, so she feels desirable and beautiful.

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