Controlling Your Eating Habits

Diet, Nutrition, Stress Management
Have You Lost Control Over Food? Addictions can be crippling in all their forms; drugs, alcohol, and, yes, even food. Sometimes we lose control over our eating habits. Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s avoidance or self-esteem issues - no matter the motive, it can quickly spiral out of control. But it’s important to understand that food addiction has nothing to do with willpower, or lack thereof. It’s all about the imbalance of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine, released in the reward system of the brain, is actually vital for good health. The problem starts when the brain releases too much of it when we eat foods that flood the reward system of the brain with dopamine. When this happens, the brain reduces amount of dopamine receptors to protect itself and…
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What Is Food Addiction?

Diet, Nutrition
Food Addiction Is Real And Devastating We need food in order to survive, plain and simple … but over the years food has become more and more toxic to our health. This is due to the process of making it tastier and more convenient by way of artificial processing. Food addiction can actually happen with natural (Healthy) foods as well, and even though it’s a better choice, too much of anything can of course become harmful to our health. Since the real issue is more so related to processed foods, we will get into its negative effects and why/how it is really becoming a widespread epidemic. The Truth About Foods We Consume On a Daily Basis… There are chemicals and ingredients used in processed foods that are specifically made to…
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The Consequences Of Binge Eating

Depression, Diet, Mental Wellness, Nutrition
Binge Eating and Consequences for Your Body Food has become a thorn in many people’s sides. Really, a lot of this is not about food, but the type of food we have available to us in the modern world. When it comes to binge eating, addictive man made foods result in aff4ecting us in such a way as to cause to drastically overeat, not because our bodies need food but for dysfunctional reasons. Eating disorders, as bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating, are life-threatening, serious conditions that affect a person’s physical, emotional and mental health. They all stem from an addiction to the dopamine (a “feel good” hormone) released in the reward center of the brain; an addiction which is just as strong as that of alcohol or drugs.…
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You Must Stop Multitasking

Mindset, Personal development, Positivity, Success
Stop Multitasking - It Kills Your Focus Humans are not good at multitasking, despite what many will tell you. They end up doing a bunch of tasks poorly. We are not machines and therefore don’t have the ability to slice up the time in ways that will be the most productive. Computers are quite good at doing this, but humans are not at all which leads me back to the fact that you must stop multitasking. You may be able to get away with doing two items at the same time. But, remember, most tasks will require full attention and it is not possible to do them simultaneously. Even computers have to emulate multitasking when the number of tasks required of them is greater than the number of processors. However,…
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Do You You Have An Emotional Eating Problem?

Diet, Mindset, Nutrition
5 Signs You Have An Emotional Eating Problem We as humans tend to seek comfort in certain things as an emotional response. Developing an Emotional Eating problem can be one of those responses. For example, a family member or friend’s death may cause you to never leave your house, or never want to be alone. Well similarly, some people find their comfort in food regardless of their situation or emotional feelings. There are indicating factors as to what triggers an emotional response and emotional eating is a result of such factors. Carol Cottrill, certified nutritionist, says “emotional eating is when one eats for reasons other than actual hunger”. This is a very good example of how we respond when under emotional distress. Here are five signs that mean you have…
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How To Find Peace Of Mind

Mindset, Personal development, Positivity
As Richard Carlson, author of the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” reminds us, “it’s all small stuff.” He is talking of course, about the little stuff of everyday life that gives us grief, causes us to sweat, to get anxious, upset, or angry. If we give in to these negative reactions, or allow them to overwhelm us, our stress levels go up, causing our cortisol levels to rise and creating an environment of chronic stress in the body. Studies show that chronic stress can lead to all sorts of physical ailments, and can negatively affect our quality of life. Attaining peace of mind is important because chronic stress weakens our immune systems and increases the risk of heart disease. However, there is hope! There are many ways we can…
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Let Experience Lead The Way

Mindset, Personal development, Positivity, Relationships
Treating Gratitude As A Habit The universe will give you what you send which is why you should treat gratitude as a habit. If you are selfish or mean to others, you will be paid back with unwanted circumstances. It’s why people constantly use the phrase, “what goes around, comes around.” When you project gratitude, the universe will pay you back in a positive manner. You will appreciate what you have, and it will set the stage for the universe to give you even more. But, we live in a highly negative world. This makes it easy to revert to having negative thoughts. You may believe those negative thoughts are your own, so the universe won’t be able to find out you’ve been thinking them. However, thoughts produce energy, so…
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Focus for Better Productivity Part 2

Mindset, Personal development, Positivity, Success
Strategies to Improve Focus You’d be surprised by how many people lose track of where their time goes. They might think their focus is on a single task, but is it really? One way to find out is to keep track of how you spend your time for a week. You might find out you’ve been wasting time on little things like checking Facebook once an hour. Here are my strategies for improving your focus and increasing your productivity: 1. Track your time. Analyze the results after a week. Tweak and get rid of time wasters. 2. Plan your week. At the end of your week, find a quiet spot to plan out your week’s tasks. Write down key projects and the tasks associated with them. Don’t forget to add…
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Focus for Better Productivity Part 1

Mindset, Personal development, Positivity, Smarter Brain, Success
Increase Your Focus for Better Productivity In our lives today, we are busier than ever before. We think technology has streamlined many tasks and increased our productivity, but instead we are given more tools that give us more and more to do with less time to do it. We are stressed and overwhelmed. The phrase “time management” has become taboo, since it implies there are different ways to cram even more into our already overflowing lives. We have been lead to believe that if we don’t multitask every minute of our day we will not be productive. This can’t be farther from the truth. Successful people have long realized that focus is the key to being productive. Most of what we say and do is not essential. If you can…
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Beware Dieting Dangers

Diabetes, Diet, Heart Health, Nutrition
5 Serious Dieting Dangers To Avoid As per WebMD, nobody is perfect and the best way to maintain our overall wellness is by avoiding the many dieting dangers. We shouldn’t be striving for perfection, but instead embracing moderation by eating a well-balanced diet and regularly exercising. There are plenty of diet fads and trends that come and go, and while many will offer you the weight loss you desire in the timeframe you want to achieve it in- once you stop that diet and revert back to your original diet habits you regain that weight, and more. Therefore, the most successful option is instead to change your lifestyle. Avoid Added Sugar Sugar is simply empty calories- it offers no essential nutrients. Additionally, excess sugar consumption can result in several serious…
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